Saturday, December 30, 2006

Capturing 2006

During the time between Christmas and New Years I always feel reflective. I tend to look back on what has happened and to cast forward into the next year. When looking back at 2006, at first I felt a little down. In my extremist way I exclaimed to my husband, "Another year gone by and I haven't done ANYTHING!" At which point he oh-so-patiently said, "Really? Let's take a look." At first I was appropriately abashed but soon I begain celebrating all the wonderful things that took place this year. I hope you'll make a similar list!

A Smattering of Jamie's Accomplishments and Memorable Moments for 2006

What are the moments you'll remember from 2006?


Sacred Suzie said...

OK Jamie, you're CRAZY for even hesitating for a second that you didn't accomplish anything! You do more than just about anyone I know.

I feel like I've done zilch but perhaps I'll have the same experience and see how far I've come! (fingers crossed)

Laini Taylor said...

Wow, you really have done a lot this year! Just reading your blog I knew that you had, but I guess it can be hard to forget, so blogs are great for reminding us. And husbands too! Justin sounds so wonderful and supportive. Congrats on finding each other! Also, scrolling down, your holiday photos look so fun. Love the green wall color in the kitchen, and the Rudolph nose! I think I need a "nose cozy" for our frigid morning dog walks! Happy New Year, Jamie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

This list was a lot of fun to read, especially because I was "there" for several of them. Lots of people have energy, but you are singular in having energy + direction. It's pleasing to watch -- kind of like watching an Olympic skater. They make it look so easy.

I noticed also that so many of your accomplishments are people-focused, rather than Jamie-focused, if that makes sense. It's somewhat rare in our current ego-driven society.

I'm excited to see what you do with your skills, talents and gifts in the coming year.

megg said...

WOW - how could you think you hadn't done anything?!?!?

I'm still sorting out whether we will get to Toronto or not before we go, but I'll let you know as soon as I can!

I'm so glad that we 'met' this year! I'm looking forward to the dance party and to seeing all of the amazing things you can do this year!!!

Happy New Year, Jamie!!!!

swampgrrl said...

i loved little miss sunshine too! i loved your list. it prompted a spontaneous list of my own:

i loved myself more this year, particularly when i was feeling and expressing negativity. i just kept saying "i love and approve of myself" through the whole thing.

i practiced being authentic in every relationship i have.

i hung out my private practice shingle.

i followed every impulse of generosity that i felt.

i spoiled my cats.

that's pretty good! hahaha.....

happy new year, j-grrl.

Shannon said...

What a great list! You have accomplished so much - Congratulations!!!!

It really has been a good year, I can't wait to see what 2007 will bring.

suzie q said...

Wow, Jamie, I'm exhausted from just reading your list of accomplishments! What a fantastic year! Wishing you lots more positive experiences in the year to come...