Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Yule!

Happy Yule everybody! This is the day that Justin and I are celebrating our Christmas together. So I'm sitting here after eating French Toast that Justin made with eggnog at a candlelit table with delicious fresh-ground Noisette coffee from Timothy's. I've been spoiled rotten by my honey and I hope he feels the same. He's been running around singing "Happy Yule Be Happy Yule Be Happy...." (sing along and discover the double meaning, hehe)

Yule is making so much sense to me this year. I'm understanding it in a way that I never did before. Here we are in the middle of winter, the darkest, longest night, and we're taking the time to remind ourselves of all of our blessings. We are warm. We are loved and loving. We have more then enough, enough to share and celebrate. And so the enveloping winter, in all her majesty, gives us a chance to cozy up and smile, to enjoy her presence and remember the light to come.

Happy Yule!


Shannon said...

Happy Yule Jamie!!

Great post! I love the description about it being having more than enough therefore sharing - yay for sharing!

The pic of you is so great & joyful!

melba said...

Happy Yule to you!!!
My Mother in Law by surprise asked if the children could sleep over her house. I was so happy to get a good night's rest! I wanted to do some type of more symbolic celebration for Yule Day, but I did get to spend the night in a quite house with my blogging friends posting and leaving comments, instead of the Christmas present organizing and wrapping that I need to do. There is always today to get that done!

I emailed you again about the guest author. I hope it takes this time. I think something is wacky with my email lately!

Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds SO fun! Glad you had a great celebration!

Alex S said...

Eggnog, french toast, a partner whom sings OUT LOUD- yes, you are a lucky woman! Have a wonderful Christmas together and be well, delighted, and loved.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

That was fun to read. Yule make so much sense to me too. I really like hearing about you and your honey. The eggnog French toast sounds so special.

la vie en rose said...

happy yule to you too!