Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Highlights

Wow, the holiday season has been a whirlwind of activity. There's been lots of feasting and family! So before 2006 draws to a close and we invite 2007 in the door, I want to celebrate some of the highlights of the season.

Justin and I spent Yule together, and it was beautiful. One of the things we did was trek out for treats to this wonderful new bakery I've discovered called Sweet Tooth. And I was able to share it with my sister and her husband when they were here for a visit too, which was awesomet! (Oh, and that girl who works there is just the nicest!)

Then I travelled up to my Dad's for a holiday visit. I haven't done this in a while, so it was quite a big event, and I'm really glad that I went. It was also nice to have some quiet time on the train to play sudoko, listen to music and read.

Then to Shannon's for Christmas Eve dinner. Wow, did we feast! And laugh, our family knows how to laugh! And for those of you who follow our blogs - look it's all 3 sisters in the same spot - a real treat for us! And that's our brother in the red hat behind me. I thought I'd be kind and let him stay a bit anonymous, hehe.

On Boxing Day was the much anticipated Piragi Making adventure! Three sisters do some kitchen magic and make the dough. We had a blast.

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Speaking of sisters, Mom and Auntie Laima arrive to show us how it's done! And the little known secret is that my husband, Suzie's husband and our uncle are all in the other room. I'm sure they're enjoying all the hubbub from a distance, hehe.

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And a wonderful, nostalgic tearfest ended the visit as Shannon, Suzie and I went out to see Dreamgirls. (The boys went to see Rocky.) This is after the movie; note the complete lack of mascara!

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Well, there's a smattering of the photos I took this holiday season. Did you notice how often someone in our family has a camera in their hands! There were times during Boxing Day that 5 people were taking pictures! I guess we have lots of moments to remember, and for that I am truly thankful!

I hope your holidays were spectacular!


Jessie said...

what an excellent photo essay of your holidays, jamie. and i love that first picture of you!!! you look radiant. your eyes, your smile, your all says that you have had a good year. it's beaming right out of you! :)

reading your blog and being apart of your journey in this way has been wonderful. you are living proof that following one's heart can lead to happiness.

as for the alchemist...well, that is one of my all-time favorites!

Shannon said...

What a lovely post!! It really was a great holiday and I'm glad we all got to spend so much time together! Thanks for postly on the lovely pics and hosting the pierog event!

melba said...

Wonderful! So cool to see the 3 of you girls together!

Sounds like just the best of times!

I love the Alchemist; a life altering book! I have read it several times(which I don't do with many books)

Love and happiness to you in the New Year!!!


Sacred Suzie said... amazing Jamie, you really summed it up well and your photos are amazing. I had the most fantastic time visiting with you and everyone with so many fantastic memories. It was the biggest treat in the world! Big hug, love, Suzie.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos and I love the green on those walls! Here´s to another amazing year!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! You three sisters are a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers on the kitchen table of my life. All three of you have taught me a lot about happiness. I just loved the photos. I'm glad you are back.

Sacred Suzie said...

I love that first photo of you Jamie. It tells so much, you sitting there contemplating all that's charming.