Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday ~ Time ~ Week 3

As I look at my pictures for Self Portrait Tuesday this week, I really see how much has been about Spring this week. I hope you enjoy tracking it's arrival with me.

And on a tech note, if anyone can tell me how they make their little photo collages, if you do it any way other than PhotoShop, I would really appreciate it.

Tuesday: This is the OSHO zen card that I picked for this day. She represents the Queen of Wands in a traditional deck and that is the card that most often represents me in a reading. When this card shows up, I know it's a day where I'm going to feel like me, a day to just be myself. On this particular day getting this card reminded me to be courageous in asking for what I want and creating the life I want to be living. I felt energized, empowered and full of life.

Wednesday: Those are my crocuses sprouting! I've been a little worried that they're showing up too soon, but my Mom assures me that they'll hang in there. Last year in this tiny patch of dirt at the front of our house not a single bulb that I planted sprouted. So I am just thrilled to see these 3 little signs of life!

Thursday: During the week, I generally wake up at 6:45 am. It feels like forever that I've woken up in the pitch black and searched for my clothes in the gloom. But when I woke up on Thursday this is what I saw, a little bit of light signaling that spring is really on its way.

Friday: A very cool tradition that I have for Fridays is that I hang out with my sister, Shannon. Our night really begins at noon, when we officially start our email countdown to when the workday is going to be over. The best part is that it's dedicated time to hang out together, and we're totally relaxed about our plans. This Friday we went to our local Chinese food spot and chatted over dinner.

Saturday: On Saturday I bought myself this wonderful Frog Prince to put in our garden. I love subtle touches of whimsy. I can't wait to find him a new home.

Sunday: By Saturday afternoon I had really come down with something. I slept through most of the weekend. On Sunday I decided that I needed to get some fresh air, so I invited my husband to go for a walk with me in the backyard. Now, if you 've seen our backyard that's pretty funny because it's the size of a postage stamp. Still it's something we often do together, looking to see what's changed, what's growing and how things are doing. (If you'd asked us downtowners 2 years ago if we would ever have done such a thing we would have laughed heartily)

And when we went out we found these little sprouts on our honeysuckle. I have a special spot in my heart for this plant, so much so that I bent my garden rules for it. I'm, well, I'm pretty particular. And I've been really, really keen on having a garden of mostly green and white with the odd pink or blue highlight. I am wild for white flowers and I find the white and green incredibly peaceful (unlike my Mom who finds it anemic, hehe) Well, this orange/red honeysuckle was bought for the front of the house, and when it didn't work there I was absolutely stuck about what to do. But my husband and I had ended up liking it so much, we decided to find it a special spot as the only such colour statement in the garden.

Monday: And Monday, Claudia absolutely made my day with this beautiful package of treats! I was feeling kind of miserable and wondering what the heck I would appreciate today and then this arrived! Isn't it magnificent? Claudia made me this beautiful mini quilt that says "Magic" on it! And there's Liebstockl seeds to plant in my garden - yay! From the picture it looks like it will have absolutely lovely leaves. And a happy bookmark, which already has a home in a book! And even one of Laini's Ladies. (Laini, your ladies are beautiful!) What treasures! I feel spoiled. I feel blessed. And I feel very, very grateful. Thank you, Claudia.


Mardougrrl said...

I'm fascinated by the way you describe the tarot process. I wish I could get you to do a reading for me!

It sounds like a wonderful week with people you love, puttering in the garden, and treats. What's not to love?

chest of drawers said...

So happy you got the little package so quickly! Thankyou for the lovely card, had breakfast with it this morning. You got me going with all this lovely blogging, I´m glad I could thank you this way.

Sacred Suzie said...

Wow, what a special treat in the mail and it's only fitting since you sent me one too Jamie, LOL. I'm so happy for you.

So nice to see Shannon! I am envious, I wish I could hang out with you guys too. I'm so glad you are able to do that together, what a great way to start the weekend.

I love green and white together! In fact, all the photos I pick on home interiors are decorated are white, green and wood. There is nothing more peaceful and natural to me.

So happy to see your garden growing Jamie! An inspiration, as always...

megg said...

Another fun way to spend a week with you! I really might steal this for a gratitude Friday-kind of thing (If I can get my act together :)

I'm so gld that you are feeling better & that you share your gratitude with us. You're reminding me to find it in my own life - thank you so much!!!

liz elayne said...

Oh these little glimpses into your life make me so happy. Love to see them!
I just started using photoshop elements for my poloroid "strip of photos" - I have no idea how people make those amazing collages.

And I have to ask - where did you find that frog prince? My husband and I have this thing about them (as in he is mine)...I would love one like that for the garden!