Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mock Oranges & Me

When I was a little girl, the first plant I remember falling in love with was the mock orange that my mom had planted outside my little brother's window. In the spring it was covered in an abundance of delicate white flowers and the scent was sheer heaven. When we moved to Toronto, I begged my Mom to plant one outside my window. And she planted it in the front yard where I could see it.

Yesterday Justin and I went out to our favourite neighbourhood haunt for dinner. We walked past this corner grocery store that always has lots of plants out front. This burst of white flowers caught my eye, and I stopped to get a closer look. The scent was enticing. You've already guessed it. Yes, it was a mock orange! I've looked for one without luck and here it was just waiting for me to find it. I asked in the store if they would hold it for me until today and a wonderful gentleman there told me, "Don't worry. No one will touch it."

Today it has found a home in my garden, and I am full of memories and joy.


Penny - One Sent said...

That does look like a gorgeous flower, why is it called a mock orange? does it smell like orange? It's too bad pictures can't convey scents.

chest of drawers said...


Sacred Suzie said...

I just love this Jamie, and its ties to Robby. How wonderful and now you have that childhood memory blessing your garden. Gardening is truly a magickal experience and nothing takes us back to the past like scent.