Sunday, August 13, 2006

August Happiness Challenge ~ August 11 ~ Friends & Locksmiths

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Friday night I came home from hanging out with Shannon. I put my key in my lock and turned, and turned, and turned. The lock spun but did not open. Great. You know that moment when you're confronted with a challenge and hope that you'll be resourceful and independent but instead *blink* *blink*?

I pulled out my cellphone and called my husband who was out with his Friday night friends. They immediately started brainstorming strategies. My sister-in-law joined the think tank and got on the phone to locksmiths, finding someone local and affordable. Shannon got a call every few minutes to get an update. My husband grabbed a cab home.

And I sat there reading a book on my porch, watching who comes by our home on a Friday night. I saw 4 drunk teenage boys shocked and angered by the fact that taxis wouldn't pick them up. I saw a young couple fight and make up, going from sobs to kisses. I saw lots of dog-walkers and people on their way out. I felt calm. My honey came home and brought his interrupted dinner. We sat on the porch sharing pasta with a plastic fork and waiting for the locksmith.

The locksmith was young, polite and professional. He had us in the house in no time. We even took the opportunity to get him to key the back door lock, which I didn't even know was possible. Replacing our locks had been on our list since we moved in 2 years ago, and now suddenly it was done.

So on Friday I learned that a locked door can be opened without a key. I learned locksmiths can create a keyhole where before there was none. I learned that things can turn out better than expected and what starts out feeling yucky and uncomfortable can sometimes turn into a romantic moment on the porch. And most of all, I was reminded that I am not alone.


Isolde said...

I'm glad this turned out the way it did for you. I've been in about a million car dying in the middle of an intersection, in the rain, daughter in tow; no headlights in a snowstorm pregnant on the way to the ER. So few things ruffle me anymore. I'd like to believe I would've made as good use of the time as you did.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh, so beautiful a post Jamie! I love this story. I loved hearing about the people around you and that there are so many people there with dogs. I'm especially glad that you had people there to help you out of a bizarre situation. Perhaps this is symbolic to a fresh start to your home? Now you have access to it in two ways.

krista said...

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to sit in your mind for awhile.

SOunds like you turned a ick situation into something interesting and really lived in the present.

Arthur said...

Very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading. I also had an interesting situation. I finally got a locksmith to come over and get the lock open. It turns out the keys the previous owner gave me, the key that was supposed to open that particular lock didn't match. The locksmith said it was definitely the wrong key. I took a closer look at the door and it was a little cracked on the side plus the locksmith said the lock wasn't of the same series as the other locks in the apartment.