Wednesday, August 23, 2006

August Happiness Challenge ~ Aug 23 ~ Fingerpainting

Not only did I get to have fun fingerpainting today, I also get to knock #68 off of my 101 List - double the happiness quotient!

Today's been a bit of a tough day. This week is my first week just focusing on my own business. It's an interesting emotional ride. Building my practice and continuing to grow as a coach challenge me to stretch out of my comfort zone. To keep growing, I've got to keep reaching out, trying new things, sometimes succeeding and sometimes learning from my mistakes. Sometimes it feels great and exciting and inspiring. And sometimes it's like, well, ouch, that hurt!

So after working pretty hard and being pretty focused the past couple of days I felt like I needed a break. I needed to do something that used a different part of my brain and let the planning part rest and relax. So I pulled out the fingerpaints. Thank you so much, Shannon, for giving these to me.

Fingerpaints have changed since I used them last! These were wild little colourless creams that only turn colour once they're on special paper. I did one whole sheet just watching my fingerprints appear in colour on the page. It really was magical. (Shannon, I've saved some for you to come over and try it!) So, let me encourage you secret artists out there. If you really want to create but find art stuff intimidating, go out and buy some little kid art stuff and play! Let me know how it goes!


Potato Print said...

Hi Jamie,
I love your portrait done with fingerpaints. It's very loose and soothing and expressive. I enjoyed catching up a bit with your blog. The reiki entry spoke to me. I'm glad we'll travel through the Choquette book together.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed them! That is crazy that they don't appear in colour til you use them.... musta been wild!

megg said...

I remember when I was little we did fingerpainting with Chocolate pudding!! You could try that next time you need a break - you can play, get mucky and lick your fingers when you are done!!!

I'm proud of you for knowing that you needed to play - you will have a thriving business before you know it!!

krista said...

that is the nicest finger painting I have ever seen!

I'm inspired.

Sacred Suzie said...

Those fingerpaints sound absolutely amazing! I've never heard of anything like it before and your painting is really wonderful Jamie.

Fingerpainting was the one thing I did in kindergarten I adored and couldn't wait to do. When we did feet painting I thought I would just about bust with joy, it was so deviant and fun!

Alexandra S said...

Fingerpainting was my very favorite activity in kindergarten and I remember hating when art time was over, and now here I am at 34 and as I read your post, felt an urge to fingerpaint again after all these years!!! I'm so curious and inspired by these 101 things to do list. I have put off creating mine but will I hope, sooner rather than later! And thank you dealy for your warm, kind words of advice and encouragement on my blog. Means a lot to me truly!

Jessie said...

You are impressive.

Not only do you follow your heart, but you finger paint too! Hey--maybe there's a connection here...