Friday, August 25, 2006

August Happiness Challenge ~ Aug 24 ~ Matinees

I love going to the movies by myself in the afternoon - a weekday afternoon. In one of my jobs I had a very irregular schedule and often when that particular time slot opened up, I would take myself to the movies. I love it. No pressure. No wondering whether anyone else is enjoying the movie or or not. No one to judge how much popcorn you eat or how many tears you cry. It's just a sweet indulgence in contrast to the days chained to a desk staring at a computer screen. Ah, sweet freedom. This also knocks #69 off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list: Go to a movie by myself on a weekday afternoon.

Now, the only unfortunate thing in this instance was that I didn't particularly like the movie, Conversations with Other Women. There's a really interesting idea in there and Helen Bonham Carter is wonderful, of course. But all in all, I found it lacking in heart and didn't feel that Aaron Eckhart was strong enough to carry the movie with her. But apparently I'm in the minority as most critics are praising this film immensely. Ah, well. I enjoyed the experience and just want to put this right back on my list so I can be inspired to do it again!


Potato Print said...

I love going to the movies alone, too. I've done it ever since high school back in the 1970s. It was $1.75 for a matinee. Later, when I took a film study class, I simply could never tolerate watching a movie with anyone else. I was so fixated on pace, color scheme, camera angle, etc. Now I'm more relaxed and can barely afford the entry price anyway. I liked hearing about your outing.

Sacred Suzie said...

I've only ever done that once Jamie and it was a wonderful experience. I may consider doing it again. I totally loved seeing Emma without worrying if R was going to enjoy it as much as me.

Too bad you didn't like the film so much, I had heard that it was a tad pretentious without being interesting. I love Helen though!

melba said...

I use to go to the movies all the time alone in the daytime. i miss it. I even took Ethan when he was a baby because I wanted to see The Hours so badly. there were only 3 other women in the theater. I sat in the back and breast fed him so he would be content and quite.
i don't think i will be taking two toddlers to a theater to see anything not animated anytime soon!

i am glad you had fun:)