Saturday, August 26, 2006

August Happiness Challenge ~ Aug 25 ~ Yoga with Jinx and more

Friday was out of control with happiness. One of my favourite moments was when my cat Jinx realized that my yoga mat makes her happy - very, very happy. My sister Suzie had recommended Living Yoga with Padma, so since I was home I thought I would try it out. Jinx thought it was a great idea. She was with me every moment. In fact, it's the first time I've done the bow pose with a cat on my back!

And the happiness kept on coming as Shannon and I went out for dinner and then out to see Step Up. Now, you have to know that dance movies make me really happy! And Shannon even did a tarot reading for me too! Friday's rock.


Sacred Suzie said...

I am totally impressed you did yoga with a cat on your back! Amazing!

I'm so happy you tried out an episode of Living Yoga with Padma. What a joy to do yoga at home with you cat. And a tarot reading by Shannon?! That's perfect.

JourneyThroughLife said...

I LOVED seeing and reading about your cat. The cat on the back thing - its so cool isn't it??!! Today, I was trying to put my desk back together again and my little darling was either on my back or adding extra weight to the desk that I was trying to move! So adorable!

Potato Print said...

I like this happiness day the most. Yoga with cat. He is beautiful. Wonderful. Also, lunch with friend and then a tarot card reading. It makes me happy too.

Potato Print said...

argggg. I just wrote you a happy comment and then it got blasted when I tried to publish. Oh well. I'm reading you.