Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Self-Portrait Challenge ~ With Someone ~ Theatre People

As I'm sitting here thinking of what I want to say, I'm feeling very emotional and tears are coming to my eyes. It's hard for me to explain what theatre people, especially these people have meant to me. There's an image of theatre people as self-obsessed, arrogant, flighty, pretentious. I'm sure you can come up with many unflattering adjectives. And those descriptions don't come from nowhere. I've met those people.

But I also found an entirely different people in theatre, people I admire, enjoy and feel fiercely loyal to. The theatre people I love are a rare package. They are sensitive, intuitive and practical. They are smart, creative, playful and unbelievably hard-working. They are loyal. You can trust them to show up, every time, all the time. They are this amazing combination of bohemian discipline. They can work a 12-hour day that's physically and personally demanding and then head out to drink and chat and laugh until every chair that doesn't have a bum in it has been put on a table and the lights are going out.

Shannon and I were talking the other night about how we went to a selection party for a theatre festival a few years back. It was a Tuesday night at a bar on Queen Street. We didn't know anyone except for who we had arrived with but somehow we knew we were with our people. There were men and women, people ranging in age and experience, artists with a wide range of aesthetics. But we were all there for the theatre, for the opportunity to create, for the vibrant energy of being a part of something so alive on this Wedneday night things were just getting started when more reasonable people were getting ready for bed.

And so I say thank you to Kathy and Jessica and Shannon and Gala for being so much a part of my theatre life, for making me feel at home, for believing in me, challenging me and supporting me. You beautiful, talented, dynamic women have changed my life forever. I treasure every minute.

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Vedrana M. said...

:) sincere and lovely photos! thank you for sharing this story - I can see they’re really close to your heart

Jessie said...

ahhh, good friends and good times together. it's amazing how those 2 things can energize the spirit. :) much love to you!

Shannon said...

Theatre people are great!! There is such an amazing bond that happens when you work on a show with great people, its like nothing else. Working in theatre is the only time I think I sang while sweeping the floor.

I wore the dress in the pic yesterday as a shirt... what are the chances?

Alex S said...

When we were seniors in college Laini was in a play and made such amazing connections with her fellow theatre members. I wish I had the courage to try theatre out but right now my attention is elsewhere. It is something I would like to try once in my life at some point. Oh, have you ever heard of the imprvisational and theatre artist, Nina Wise? She has a wonderful, wonderful book out that I wonder if you might really love too.

Suzie Ridler said...

How lucky you are to have found "your" people who support you and are full of such life and fun. Yup, they are definitely your people Jamie. Big hug to you and them!