Monday, September 18, 2006

True Balance: Sacral Chakra ~ Pleasure

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My first reaction to the second chakra, the sacral chakra, is "YUM!" When I was reading about the kinds of things this chakra covers (emotions, desire, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, creativity), I was so energized. I love this stuff. It's all about the joy of being alive. It's about being free to express and receive. It's about a joyful flow of energy between you and the world. It's about sharing and experiencing. It's about playing. I get happy just thinking about it! I feel a smile start to curl my lips and a twinkle start to sparkle in my eyes!

Having said that, when it got down to some of the questions that asked what I was doing to indulge this part of me, I was absolutely stunned to find how little I was doing! Perhaps I have been taking this whole side of me for granted, assuming that because it's such a core value for me that I have it in my life. I find pleasure and joy walking down the street and looking at people's gardens or eating my breakfast or being barefoot. But what I haven't been doing recently is actively inviting it into my life and the life of my loved ones. Well, something sure has to be done about that! And in the next 2 weeks I'll have fun exploring the possibilities!

I think a great place to start is one of the questions that Sonia asked in this section. I'd love to hear your answers too.

What are your favourite pleasures in life?

  • juicy, fresh fruit
  • flowers, especially white ones
  • great showers
  • fantastic smelling self-care and home-care products
  • being barefoot
  • great clothes
  • time with my honey
  • the arts: theatre, dance, art, books, films, music
  • creating experiences: parties, dinners, rituals, theatre
  • trees
  • getting dressed up
  • holidays and special occasions
  • beauty
  • my loved ones
  • the sky
  • sacred spaces
  • things that sparkle
  • spa indulgences
  • great wine
  • keeping my own schedule
  • dancing
  • laughing
  • the wind in my hair
  • self-discovery
  • a good cup of coffee
  • creative projects
  • going for walks
  • beautiful homes
  • Nia
  • gardens
  • compassion
  • human connection
  • cats
  • stimulating ideas
  • after-dinner tea
  • jewellery
  • thunderstorms
  • a pampered body
  • touching


Potato Print said...

Hi Jamie,
I really enjoyed reading this post. Yes, as much as I know you, this fits as a well-balanced chakra for you. Your list is so much fun to read.

I read the chapter last night and got a little sad. I used to be all about the second chakra, but I seem to have slid into never-never land. I want to follow your lead and welcome some of those things that I love back into my life.

Shannon said...

Great Post Jamie!!! I can't wait to get to the sacral chakra - I think that was my fave. Or was it root? So hard to decide - but I guess I can just like them all :)

chest of drawers said...

That´s a beautiful collage! And a great continue to be an inspiration to me!

Sacred Suzie said...

As soon as I started reading this chapter I thought...this is Jamie's chakra! The joy, the giggling, the having fun, the being in your body, the sensuality of it all...

I'm glad you're reading this chapter now Jamie so that you realize it isn't as awakened as it normally is. What an important realization! You aren't you if you aren't having fun.