Thursday, September 21, 2006

True Balance ~ Sacral Chakra ~ Treats

Today started out as a rather nothing day. You know the kind - blah, blah and more blah. Yes, it was a contract day where I work at the ex-job. I was feeling kind of grumpy, kind of listless, kind of yuck. Then I decided to focus on my sacral chakra and my entire day turned around!

First, I thought I would indulge myself with a nice wine. I picked up this Christian Moueix Merlot because of the description: dark, rich and plush, with currant, plum, mocha and blackberry flavors and earthy aromas. Mmm, that sounds decidedly grounded in the root chakra but yummy enough to please chakra 2. And I may be the only person who would then choose to combine wine with the decidely lowbrow purchase of whimsical kids craft projects! Well, maybe the first until now. You're thinking about trying out the combo this weekend, aren't you?

And when I was in line at my local art store this really nice man in front of me let me go first because he was stocking up on art supplies. Then I decided to take the slightly longer but more scenic route home and this little convenience store had these beautiful gladiolas out front (white no less!) and they cost precisely the amount of change I had in my pocket! (Remember, we have $2 coins here, hehe) And as I walked home a grandmother was sitting on her stoop singing to her granddaughter who was sitting her knee, and they both looked at me and grinned ear to ear.

Wow, I feel better! Let's take another look at those glads. Yum!


Suzie Ridler said...

I'm sitting here thinking...what is engraving art? What's the other box? What's Jamie creative project going to be next?!

I love how you described the pivotal shift that occured when you opened up to joy. That really inspired me Jamie. I often go so far down the gloom and doom path that it makes it so hard to turn around my day. Being aware of it is the first step.

I love the sound of that grandma and grandaughter, lovely. Thanks for the joy, your blog is like a big hug.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the gift of this entry. Small things, not large things seem to make the greatest difference. I love the photo at the heading of your post.

I'm inspired to open to my own second chakra....just as soon as I get out of this cramped, lifeless, forlorn office.

Let the rumpus begin.

Anonymous said...

the closeup on the glads is really gorgeous

melba said...

You are so right, I LOVED this chapter. I didn't answer any of the questions, but I did finish the chapter last night. Can't wait to list all my pleasures down!

And I do think we hold each day in our hands to make of it what we will. we control our feelings. You are so smart to help yourself to happiness today!

Kim said...

This is such a beautiful post! That this small shift in focus could so alter one's day is a powerful insight - thank you.

And, those flowers are absolutely yummy!

Jessie said...

I love it that you chose a wine according to the needs of your chakras. :) Sounds like you changed not only your mood around, but others, too!

Shannon said...

What a great post! Art, play, flowers and wine? Bring it on!!! I am soooo looking forward to exploring this chakra!

Thanks for sharing!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

love love those gladiolas (how does one spell that)...i always call them glads i guess. gorgeous. i feel like i got to be a fly on the wall for part of your day with this post. seeing you transform from feeling kind of yucky to having one of those days where you suddenly find your breath and realize, yes, i am glad i am here.

Claudia said...

Lovely post...we really can turn our days around with a little effort.