Tuesday, September 04, 2007

100 Successes

100 Things I'm Proud to Have Accomplished in My Life So Far
an exercise for Success Principle 26
  1. I saved my allowance and then went to the store all by myself and bought treats and Barbie clothes when I was in grade 2.
  2. I learned how to ride a bike, thanks to the boy next door.
  3. I choreographed and performed dances for my class when I was in grade 4.
  4. I sang in the choir throughout public school.
  5. I was a bunny in our school's performance of Snow White.
  6. I started my own neighbourhood library when I was in public school.
  7. I was the lead in the school play when I was in grade 6.
  8. I used to challenge myself to get lost on my bicycle in the neighbourhood and then find my way home.
  9. I started my own business washing doll clothes when I was in public school.
  10. I was a cheerleader in junior high.
  11. I organized all sorts of outings and events for friends when I was in junior high.
  12. I asked a boy to dance in junior high. (He said yes, but was really uncomfortable)
  13. I made the adjustment of moving from Montreal to Toronto in grade 7.
  14. I made the first move with a boy I liked in junior high. (He said yes, and we dated for quite a while. I still think of him really fondly. He was great.)
  15. I skipped a year of math in junior high.
  16. I was great with kids when I was a teenager.
  17. I became assistant to my dance teacher while I was in high school.
  18. I learned to tap dance.
  19. I taught jazz and tap.
  20. I was a soloist in our studio's dance recitals.
  21. I got my first real job at Canada's Wonderland working on a ride.
  22. I worked for 2 years as an usher at the dolphin show at Canada's Wonderland.
  23. I got a job dancing as Papa Smurf at Canada's Wonderland.
  24. I looked out for my siblings when my family was having a really hard time.
  25. I went to my brother's parent-teacher interview.
  26. I was an Ontario Scholar.
  27. I was the president of my school's Student Organization for the Promotion of School Spirit (SOPSS)
  28. I was the president of our school's sorority.
  29. I learned to drive.
  30. I was very serious about weight training, going to the gym 4 days a week and pumping iron.
  31. I was one of the drivers on a family trip to Montreal.
  32. I did a chin up.
  33. I was accepted into and completed the University College Drama Program at the University of Toronto.
  34. I have been a good nurse to loved ones that required physical care.
  35. I graduated with distinction, earning my BA, a combined specialist in English and Drama with a minor in Anthropology.
  36. I gained my MA in Drama.
  37. I auditioned for shows.
  38. I have told stories to a rapt audience.
  39. I called a director to ask for feedback on my audition when I did not get the part.
  40. Along with a partner, I was the artistic director of FOOT, The Festival of Original Theatre, that featured art, theatre, workshops, panel discussions and academic papers.
  41. I was the president of the student union for my graduate department.
  42. I was the editor of the departmental newsletter, taking it from a 1-sheet handout to a talked about publication.
  43. I maintained my integrity in viscious conflict.
  44. I brought home a second cat when I didn't know how I was possibly going to afford her but I loved her. She's still with us today.
  45. I had the courage to say yes when someone asked me if I would direct their show.
  46. Along with a partner, I was the artistic director of an independent theatre company.
  47. Our theatre company ran in the black.
  48. I have directed shows I'm very proud of including Mozart & Salieri, Understanding Media and Blue.
  49. I've acted in shows I'm very proud of including Looking at the Stars and Masse Mensch (Man and the Masses)
  50. I directed and choreographed a fashion show of costumes.
  51. I've called a show from the booth.
  52. I was a club chick.
  53. I left a long-term relationship that wasn't good for me.
  54. I sang on stage.
  55. Along with my sister Shannon, I catered an event.
  56. I volunteered for the Distress Centre.
  57. I was a manager that really pulled together a great team that worked hard and liked each other.
  58. I have worked supporting deaf and hard of hearing students in the classroom.
  59. I gave dedicated and consistent effort to finding a career that was deeply fulfilling, drew on my talents and allowed me to pursue my creative dreams.
  60. I left my doctoral studies when it became clear that was not the route for me.
  61. I traveled by myself to visit my sister Suzie in BC.
  62. I completed a core curriculum of coaching training.
  63. I learned how to closed caption.
  64. I organized a group of people to participate in the AIDS walk.
  65. My husband and I designed a beautiful winter wedding that was successful in large part due to the lovely family and friends we have in our lives.
  66. I began my own coaching practice.
  67. I presented a coaching workshop.
  68. I walked to raise money for the Assaulted Women's Help Line.
  69. I provided coaching for a management team.
  70. I have turned my health around from exhausted depletion.
  71. I attained my coaching certification.
  72. I was able to pay for my coaching certification by funds earned through coaching.
  73. I have truly supported people in changing their lives and finding their joy.
  74. I took a course in drawing and painting. I kept with it even when it was frustrating.
  75. I have invested in myself.
  76. Along with my husband, I bought a house.
  77. I attained my Nia white belt.
  78. I have cried out my dance tears.
  79. I wrote and illustrated a story called My Life with Stella.
  80. I began Starshyne Productions.
  81. I went whale-watching even though I have an extreme phobia of deep water.
  82. I hosted the first ever Try Day on Create a Connection.
  83. I attained my Nia blue belt.
  84. I have asked for help.
  85. I began teaching Nia.
  86. I have spent time doing art activities.
  87. I have followed my heart even when it's scary.
  88. I have turned my garden around from a patch of mud to a pretty space.
  89. I have spoken my truth in a challenging relationship.
  90. I have been accepted into a foundational year program in Expressive Arts Therapy
  91. I developed a new identity for my business.
  92. I have voted in all elections that I have been eligible to.
  93. I researched and hired a logo design company.
  94. I have embraced my performative nature.
  95. I have met lots of new and wonderful people and expanded my community greatly.
  96. I have learned CPR.
  97. I have loved and continue to love deeply and fiercely.
  98. I have a strong relationship with my spirit.
  99. I successfully manage our finances.
  100. I will be offering a workshop at justBe... Connected.


Shannon said...

Wow, Jamie! That is amazing!!!! How inspiring to read all those 100 successes. It *is* possible!

Tammy said...

An amazing list!!! Number one made me smile. I was just talking with a friend yesterday about my cabbage patch doll from childhood. I had to save up and buy her with my own money. Quite an accomplishment to be sure!! :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Isn't it amazing how much you have accomplished?! I love the balance between performance and humanitarianism, that's truly amazing Jamie. I wonder what dance tears are but I think I know. You're amazing Jamie.

Polly said...

Rock on Jamie - great list! My favourites are ones where you were scared/frustrated but did it anyway!

This prompted me to go check a list I was creating and add a few items to get it up to 100:

Jenn said...

This is awesome, Jaime. Very inspirational. I love how you included things big and small. It reminds me that even the little things have richness and meaning. And that some of the big things really require courage and faith. Everything counts!!!

Vedrana M. said...

wow, amazing!!! go Jaime :) love it, be proud of yourself, xxx

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

woo-hoo! i celebrate all these fabulous things with you.

so often we tend to focus on our weaknesses instead of our strenghts and our failures instead of our successes. this is a wonderful way to remind ourselves of all we have accomplished, how 'big' we truly are, and all that we are capable of.

hurrah for you!