Thursday, September 13, 2007

Unscheduled Interruption

Hi everybody. I wanted to apologize for my unscheduled absence, especially for the lack of a Success Principle post on Monday. This week was the start of term for Nia, plus I've had a bit of an emotional roller coaster going on, plus I appear to have lost a piece of a molar. Considering my intense phobia of dentists, this is proving a bit like living through Fear Factor. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have it attended to.

I have every intention of being here next week. In the meantime, have a beautiful weekend.


PS Isn't this a funny picture of Jinx? I caught her just as she was about to meow. You know, I don't feel nearly as guilty posting silly pictures of the Jinx-meister as I would if it was my cat Bascha. Bascha is all about dignity. Jinx, not so much.


Leah said...

oh, i'm sorry to hear about your tooth, jaime!! ((hugs))

love the kitty pic. :-)

Vedrana M. said...

cool photos!
i hope all will be fine for you, take care :)

Shannon said...

Hey Jamie,

sorry for the interruptus, I'll happy to catch up when you get to posting again. I hope for smooth sailing for you!

ps, love that top pic - It's like Jinx is saying 'Attention please!!!'

Jessie said...

I hope those kitties give you lots and lots of love until your world returns to normal and balance is restored. And lots of love from me as well! ;)

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh no! That's awful Jamie. I know exactly that awful feeling with your tooth and I'm sorry to hear about all the other stuff as well. I hope you're feeling better soon!