Monday, September 17, 2007

The Success Principles ~ Principle 27

Jack Canfield's Principle 27 is keep your eye on the prize. In order to do this Canfield suggests an end-of-day ritual of acknowleding your successes, reviewing your goals, focussing on your successful future and making plans for what you want to accomplish the next day. He recommends doing this at the end of day because apparently as we transition into alpha brain wave state we are highly suggestible, so this is a good time to reinforce what we want to be imprinted on our consciousness. He also provides a format for journalling that will enhance this process.

Journalling at the end of the day in a way that acknowledges my successes and inspires me to continue forward is one of the core practices that supports me. That's not to say that I always do it (*cough* *cough*) but it is something I see as a valuable practice worth coming back to again and again. For a long time my daily entries have included acknowledging 5 accomplishments, saying 5 thank yous and making 5 wishes. I often will also "light a candle" in my journal for someone who I know could use a little extra support. I'll draw the candle and then write their name beside it. These practices began when I began my spell/wish/magic journal project.

That practice shifted my view of what a journal can be. Yes, journals can capture our memories and be repositories of our pasts. And I also see that journals are magical places that can be powerful tools for creating our future. Journals can help us get clear on who we are and what we want. They can be full of powerful words and images that keep us connected to ourselves and our dreams. When I flip through my current journal I am immediately connected to what my current dreams are. Through the images and words that I choose to put in there, my worldview is reflected back at me and becomes clearer. On an almost daily basis I flip through it and am directly plugged in to what is important to me, what I am yearning for and who I am.

What supports you in keeping your eye on the prize?
PS Thank you to everyone for your supportive wishes about my tooth. I've got a temporary filling in right now and will be having it replaced with a permanent one next week. With my anxiety about the dental office, this was a real challenge, but I've made it through this for and your support really helps. Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Jamie! Facing off against a fear is no mean feat. Hope you're feeling better!
-- Sunny :-)

Melanie Margaret said...

I have morning ritual where I write in my journal about what I will do for the day and ask the universe for help. But I hadn't really thought about doing this before I go to bed. What a great idea.
Thanks Jamie!

Shannon said...

Great post Jamie! Eye on the prize for sure! I've not been journalling much - it's one of those phases, either too busy to journal or nothing going on (althought I don't remember that one happening in a long time).

I think for these kinds of things, to do lists are what does it for me, especially when I transitions from scratching off done items to highlighting over done items. Then I would see a page of almost all highlighted things and go look at all I've done!!!