Saturday, May 09, 2009

Full Flower Moon Dreamboard ~ May 9, 2009

It's dreamboard time again! What a beautiful way to come back after my balance break. I feel so blessed by the amazing guests posts that graced this space during my time away. Thank you Megg, Sunny, Annabel, Rachelle and Danette for your wisdom and insight.

I am loving this monthly invitation to check in with my dreams and to invite my deepest desires into my life. This is powerful stuff! Looking back on my dreamboard for the Full Pink Moon, I see my kitchen reno which is now almost complete and my desire for a break, which I've taken, including a trip to the spa and time under that glorious invention - the rainfall showerhead: bliss!

Each month this dreaming joy is amplified because we do it together. It's delicious to visit you all and to see what you are dreaming of, how you envision your life and what is stirring in your heart. We are a circle of dreamers.

And here we are together on this Full Flower Moon ready to invite blessings into our lives. Under this moon, it is a particularly good time for renewal and rejuvenation, for vitality and for blossoming. It's a time for love and relationships and for taking action.

What seeds will you plant this month? What do you want to bloom with this Full Flower Moon?


Genie Sea said...

Thank you Jamie for the gift of dreaming and wishes. May this gift you give to us multiply abundantly for you. May your every dream come true.

Snowflake said...

Mother's Day weekend a weekend that creates a wonderful celebration for all women is the perfect time to have a glorious Flower Moon to brighten dreams. Lots of planting zinnia, marigolds, butterfly weed.

Dreamwriter said...

This is my very first dreamboard. I enjoyed the process and creating. Thank you for this!

Pamela said...

This is my first dreamboard as well. It was fun creating it and it also helped me with images for my pre-sleep meditation.

It's wonderful to have you back, Jamie, and I'm glad you enjoyed your balance break. Those rainfall showerheads are scrumptious! Thank you for having such awesome women post in your absence.

May your dreams become reality!

KathrynAntyr said...

Balance Break -- How wonderful you are to yourself. You set a good example for us all.

Many thanks for hosting this full moon dream board. I'm inviting my friends and creative warriors who are on my Yahoo! board to participate.

{soul hugs}

creativehealinggoddess said...

I have posted my board.

Nolwenn said...

I have posted mine yesterday :)

Rachelle Mee-Chapman said...

My girls and I made this month's dreamboard on the wall of our hotel in Stockholm! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Jamie - I didn't get around to making mine (again!).

You are a model to me. An inspiration - I don't know how you accomplish all that you do!


Pink Heels said...

I am so sad that I missed the full moon dream board. I stopped by early on Friday to poke in and it didn't appear that this month it was going to happen. I decided to keep last month's board up since I could still use a little more balance, the theme of that board, in my life!

Happy Belated Full Moon to all of you gorgeous goddesses!

Jennifer said...

Finally got the chance to post my Dreamboard!~

Happy Belated Full Moon!~