Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reno Pic of the Day

This is the first time I've been actually in the kitchen since the reno started. Ack! Look at that. See the vent hole in the upper left? We had a racoon almost get in through there one winter. One cool thing is that shiny part is brand new venting. Hopefully that will be a big plus. And the piping peeking up on the left is where our new corner sink will be.

It may look like a mess but it's progress.


Suzie the Foodie said...!!! That's insane! I'm so glad you're doing this though Jamie, what a difference it's going to make. My kitchen isn't vented at all and I have to do that before we get the painting done. I totally got to get on that.

Genie Sea said...

I love the progress pics! Would make an awesome slide show :)

Dia said...

WOW! What a project - as Suzie says, it will make such a big difference ~ you'll be so happy with your new kitchen! Are you getting any solar tubes?? I love the one in my office - it's 9" across, & we replaced the clear pane with a coloured glass (from stained glass shop) circle - looks like a planet!! I'd adore one of those in my kitchen!

peppylady said...

How brain lame am I now I figure what you mean by reno.

Coffee is and hope your easter went hoppy right along.

Tori said...

I agree with Genie- these would make a great slide show!