Monday, April 13, 2009

Your Creative Spark ~ The Podcast (coming soon)

I'm excited to announce that the interviews for Your Creative Spark were such a rousing success and so much fun that I've decided to launch a podcast of the same name. I will feature interviews on the topic of creative living, sharing tips, strategies and ideas to spark your creative spirit and help you overcome your creative challenges.

I want Your Creative Spark to encourage your inner artist, to build your creative confidence and to stir your soul into action! I want to help you infuse your life with your unique spirit, so the world can see you shine and you can be the star you are.

I'm starting out by asking you...

  • Who would you like me to interview?
  • Of all the questions I could ask, which would most help you on your creative journey?
I'll look forward to your suggestions and bringing inspiration to you via Your Creative Spark!

If you'd rather email me your reply, feel free to do so at jamie(at)openthedoor(dot)ca. I always love hearing from you.


Kate I said...

Great idea about the podcasts Jamie!

How about an interview with Donna Downey?

She's got so much creative "spark" she's more like a bonfire!

Anonymous said...

who would i like to hear from?

ro bruhn
keron lee
ruth rae

come to mind immediately. i could come up with another 40 or 50 or more if you like :)


Her Speak said...

LOVE IT! Holy moly am I excited about that! Another AMAZING tool brought to you by Starshyne Productions. :)

I'd really love to know what these artists do to overcome creative block, how they discovered they were "artists" and how the manage personal relationships and their creative work.

Much Joy, Many Blissings!~*

Shell said...

That is an excellent idea!! Can't wait to hear it.

Mindy said...

congratulations jamie! i am so excited to become an avid listener. podcasts are my secret addiction :)

Pamela said...

Wow, Jamie! You must be extremely organized to juggle everything you do! I just know these podcasts will be amazing!

It would be great to hear from someone who has worked through the fear of tapping into their creativity again after "letting life get in the way" for a period of time. Maybe that's too specific.

I look forward to this new endeavor!

Melanie Margaret said...

Can't wait for the podcasts ~ I always love hearing your voice!

Two concepts I would love to hear explored by other creative women are:

How they bring creativity into their everyday.

How they made the leap from their creativity being a hobby to become part of their financial livelihood.

Thanks Jamie!

Kathryn Costa said...

Yeah! I look forward to tuning in. I'll think about some topics and people.

you keep shining!

xoxo k