Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Cure for the February Blahs

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The hypothesis: Love Can Cure the February Blahs.

What if each of us loved up our selves, our homes, our bodies, our friends, our colleagues, our world each and every day in February? I have a feeling that the blahs simply wouldn't survive.
What constitutes an act of love? A kiss, a cuddle, a hug, a loving word, of course. But even some unlikely actions can become loving when done with heart. Cooking and cleaning can go from tiresome chores to acts of love towards your self, your home and your loved ones. Experiment and expand your love range. Here are some things you might try:
  • make that long-overdue phone call and connect
  • compliment a colleague
  • book a massage for your aching body
  • write a letter
  • get some sleep
  • pick up a piece of litter
  • smile at the cashier
  • relish what you're eating
  • share some photos
  • get some fresh air
  • wear your favourite sweater
  • shovel your neighbour's walkway
  • clear your clutter
  • tell a friend what you love about them
  • reconcile
  • say I love you, even if they already know
Jamie's Feb 1 Act of Love: When writing my newsletter, instead of shooing away my insistent cat, Jinx, I let her cuddle up in my lap while I continued to write. Her warmth and purrs are making me smile.

Love: 1. Blahs: 0.

Commit an act of love every day in February and observe the results. I'll look forward to hearing your conclusions. Does love beat the blahs?

The beautiful heart in my hand was a gift from the lovely and talented Jennifer Lee. It's a part of the inspiring Heart is Hot campaign.


sandy said...

YaY! what an awesome idea!!!

Tabitha Chooses Bliss said...

Your posts are most inspiring. As I love doing kind things I will most enjoy February very much!! :)

Genie Sea said...

Gorgeous heart, and heartfull idea!

I will play!

Feb 1- I sent an email to a friend and colleague telling her how much I appreciated working with her and how much I will miss her. (She is on leave next semester)

Love 1 - Blah - 0


peppylady said...

Just what the doctor order.

myrope said...

I'm in. I've been looking for a february theme - this is awesome!

Tori said...

February is the perfect month to focus on love, and kick the blah's out!

Lissa said...

Love your list. I believe I can do those things & add a few of my own! thanks:)