Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's Your 5-a-Day?

Jennifer Lee tagged me in a meme called “five-a-day” which was started to encourage mental well-being.

Here are my top five things to do every day (or every week) to stay mentally healthy:
  • Journal: I find that there is so much going on in my busy brain that a daily release of it onto the page really helps me find calm and clarity. It's especially good for me to do this before bed.
  • Creative Time: Whether it's writing in this blog, making a collage, dancing or developing a workshop, having creative time connects me to my spirit, a necessity for my mental health.
  • Honey Time: Spending time with Justin is a sure-fire way to ramp up my joy and make me feel fine, whatever's going on that day.
  • Embracing the Day: When I'm so busy, tired or stressed that I'm zooming through life without experiencing it, that's a recipe for disaster. For me, connecting with the day through my senses - enjoying the smell of my shampoo, tasting that first hot sip of coffee, curling up between soft bamboo sheets - brings me to the present and connects me to life.
  • Going for a Walk: Especially because I work from home, I find it opens me up to go out for a walk. Taking in the world around me and moving my body releases the busy brain and make room for inspiration.

You know, I thought this would be a positive and fun meme to do but as I wrote it, I discovered it's more than that. These are truly 5 things that I can easily do every day to contribute to my wellness and my joy. This feels like an invitation! Let me spread that invite around.

I tag:

  1. Danette
  2. Sunny
  3. Serena
  4. Tori
  5. You!


Genie Sea said...

Awesome activity. :) Four of the things on your list resonate with me. I don't have a "Justin" yet. :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Those all sound perfect for you Jamie! I like all of them so much and think these would be good for all of us. You are taking good care of yourself.

Judi said...

Five wonderful ideas - Honey time and Embracing the Day are so needful - many people would have forgotten them. Way to GO!

Her Speak said...

All of these things sound wonderful! I especially understand the need for walks. I too work from home and came to realize how important it is to let your brain breeeeeeeeeathe! Go out and enjoy the breeze and read the cracks in the sidewalk. I'm going to think and scribble on these ideas today!

Thank you for sharing!
Wishing you Much Joy, Many Blissings~*


whenigrowupcoach said...

I wish I had 5 things in a day I had time to do to stay mentally healthy! I feel like so much of my time is sucked up by necessities (aka my day job) that it's tough to get in 5/week. It would be great if I defined those 5 things and make sure they get done every week. That doesn't sound so tough!

Pink Heels said...

Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga, and, yes you guessed it, yoga! : )

Tori said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll start on this after I finish homework. ;)

Serena said...

Thanks for the tag, Jamie ~ :)

What a wonderful meme...nothing like promoting well-being and I see at least three things on your list that I do also.

love, light and peace,

jennlui said...

beautiful list jamie!!! my list would be the same, but i would have to replace your justin with my two favorite people, my little miss and of course the mister. they totally ground me.

mmmmm and with embracing the day (which i think is a fabulous daily practice) i would have to add my daily gratitude practice. very similar though. this also grounds me.

oh and add reading... i'm a totaly book worm.

i guess that's more than 5 things now. hee hee!!!

i love this meme, thank you so very much for sharing!!!

peace and many blessings

Sandra said...

Catchy idea.. 5-a-day.. I like it. Creative time is the number one mood and health booster for me (cause I don't have a honey.. maybe even if I did), and I can't understand why I don't do it more. Self: do it more! Thanks for sharing your favourite five.

miss*R said...

your 5 a day sounds so very peaceful Jamie... so lovely and slow too xo

jennifer lee said...

Love your 5-a-day! I'll add them to mine ;)

Tessy Britton said...

I wondered if you would mind us posting your 5-a-day on the Mindapples blog? If yes, could you suggest a pic - perhaps the one you posted?