Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got a new attitude for the holidays...

Well, this holiday season certainly snuck up on me. Suddenly it was 2 weeks before Christmas and I found myself without having purchased a single gift, booked travel arrangements, planned menus or even started making lists. I felt rushed, pressured, stressed and nervous that things weren't going to get done. Frankly, I kind of wanted to cocoon and skip the holiday entirely.

But yesterday I went out to get the shopping started. The world was filled with the grumpies. People were glum, frowning, rushed, pushing and complaining. And I was one of them. I was contributing to the stress-mess!

And as I was struggling with my bags through a crowded store, a clerk said in the friendliest voice, 'Do you need any help?" I turned around and he beamed me a big, sincere smile and my Grinch heart melted.

So, I let go. All that stress evaporated. What gets bought, baked, sent, shared, wrapped, given or not will be just fine. If we order Chinese food for dinner, it will be just fine. If this year the gift list is smaller, that's fine. The details don't matter. What I can offer my friends, loved ones and strangers on the street is a warm smile, a happy attitude and shared joy. And that feels really, really nice.

How can you make your holiday more joyful?


Her Speak said...

This fills my heart, Jamie!
That stress and manic energy that surrounds the holiday is contagious. It can be difficult to deflect all of it.

This year, I'm taking a D.E.E.P. breath. I'm going to Enjoy the lights and taste my food. I'm going to enjoy a bloody mary Christmas morning with my big sister and little brother. I decided I am not going to mass with my family, because it has always been a source of incredible anxiety. I will do a kind ritual at home, build my altar and visit all the gorgeous souls in the blog-oshere.

I hope the season is sweet to you!
Many Blissings!~*

Genie Sea said...

Ahhhhh! Yes! I have been wound up tighter than a Stadivarius! I too had to step back and disengage from it all. We are the ones that put the pressure on ourselves, and we are the ones that can relieve it.

There are priorities, but if we are not healthy and whole, nothing will get done anyway. So Chinese food, bloody maries, and our private rituals will do!

Blessed be! :)

Woohoo! Coffee tomorrow! :)

Serena said...

WTG, Jamie! I too noticed the stressful and grumpy faces when I was out shopping a couple of days ago. I was quite proud of myself as I did not allow this negative energy to enter my own. I observed, I smiled, was patient and said...all is okay in my own being. It was so calming and empowering. I did feel a little claustrobphobic and I find it hard to breathe in among large crowds but I managed that fine too.

Great post!

love, light and peace,

Tori said...

That's great Jamie! This will sound tacky, but that's what the season is about. We all need to realize that we can either give joy or unhappiness to the world, so let's try to give joy more often!

I hope things are less stressful for you. Enjoy the holidays!

Ali said...

to keep this time of year as stress free as possible I complete any gift shopping by early December. We fortunately have only a small family get together and don't have to drive more than 10 minutes away so things are very relaxed.

Anonymous said...

Jamie- I love this post. I have done the same thing. I am taking a day by day attitude and whatever gets done, gets done. I am trying to make most of my gifts so that I don't have to face the crowds. I am just enjoying the season and turning away from the stess. I am doing what I want at my own pace. Because like you say it will all be fine no matter what gets done. Thanks for sharing this great sentiment. Hopefully more people will follow suit. We need less stress during this joyous time!

Anonymous said...

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peppylady said...

I'm tagging you for "eight question and growing".

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so glad you managed to shake off the Grinchy Grumpies Jamie. I can't imagine you not loving the holiday season. I'm glad that sales person shared his happy inner light with you so you can pass it on to all of us.

miss*R said...

what is supposed to be a peaceful time, always turns into a stress crazed week or two. I think alot of people are turning to a more simple time... you & I can start you buying chinese food for dinner or me not worrying if I purchase the 'right' bon-bons xo