Saturday, November 01, 2008

Soul Coaching: Intentions

I am so excited to be starting and sharing the process of Soul Coaching by Denise Linn with a group of bloggers at The Next Chapter. It's been so amazing to feel the momentum build and to have so many wonderful participants that I almost forgot that I get to go through the book myself!

There are many ways you can prepare for this journey, I've decided to be begin with being clear with my intentions.

Setting my Intention for November

This month,

  • I will release and clear away what doesn't serve me
  • I will deepen my relationship with my authentic spirit
  • I will take time for reflection and self-care
  • I will nurture my body with sleep, nutritious food and joyful movement
  • I will open my heart, sharing my gifts and receiving the gifts of others
  • I will choose ease, clarity, vitality and love

What's your intention this month? You can still join us at The Next Chapter: Soul Coaching.


miss*R said...

this is so exciting. I am looking forward to getting to know many women but more importantly, or more excitingly (is that a word?) - I get to know more of myself, to discover more of who i am.. thanks Jamie ! have a blessed Soul Coaching journey xo

Tori said...

I'm glad that I get to go through this experience with you and all the other people. It's going to be an amazing month. Thanks! Good luck on your journey.

Sacred Suzie said...

Wonderful intentions Jamie! After seeing the unbelievably pace of life for a Torontonian and being a survivor of that pace for two weeks, I think taking time for yourself and to nurture your spirit sounds perfect and challenging.

What a wonderful way to begin!

Gemma said...

I am honored to be part of this beautiful circle of women.
Thank you so much Jamie.

megg said...

all wonderful intentions - I hope that by the end of this process I will trust myself enough to have a list like that.

Love and good things to you as we start on this journey together!!

I can't wait!

Kelly said...

Those are powerful intentions. I'm going to borrow some of them...I always forget about stating intentions. I'm going to put them in my journal today. Thanks, Jamie, for being such an inspiration and for starting this group. I'm really excited about November!!

Serena said...

Thank you so much for organising this book club, Jamie! It is a wonderful opportunity to share a personal soul journey with like-minded people and feel supported in doing so.

Love, light and peace ~

ELLIE said...

beautiful intentions - thanks for sharing them

Anonymous said...

Jamie, thanks so much for organizing this; you've give us all a great gift. And thanks for your lovely comments as well. This promises to be a fantastic November! -rice

Anonymous said...


i am so looking forward to this experience. even though i don't typically comment, i hope you know that you are always a continuous source of inspiration for me. even though i may be quiet and "lurking" behind the scenes.

thank you for that.

Shannon said...

"release and clear away what doesn't serve me". That is awesome!!!

I can't wait to see how the month unfolds! Thank you so much for leading us through Soul Coaching!

Melba said...

Jamie thanks so much for leading Soul Coaching!

I want to eat healthy too, but I have to say it has been quite a challenge with all the candy the kids brought home. I only let them eat a few pieces a day so every year they end up still having candy in thier bags way past new year!
I think I need little gnomes to come help me!

Nicole said...

Great, clear intentions Jamie. Wishing you all the magical blessings along the way. Nicole x