Sunday, November 09, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 8: Turning Points

As I'm writing, I see how many of these turning points I've already shared on this blog. I've linked to some things and shared a bit more about others. It's amazing how these moments become the story of who we are.

Turning Points & Defining Moments

  • The boy next door ditched hockey with his friends to teach me how to ride a bike. I was amazed and felt so important.

  • I took all my savings out of my piggy bank and went to the store to spend it. I was so proud and empowered. My dad was furious and took my allowance away for years.

  • Living in Montreal. Montreal represents the time when I was barefoot and free, a wild child playing outside, making up dances, starting businesses, creating games, hanging out in the woods and playing in the street.

  • My brother Robbie dying of a brain tumour when he, Suzie and I were just kids.

  • The movement component of an acting class I took as a kid. I remember like yesterday the performance, staying in stillness until the spotlight was on me and then dancing around, through and with a chair the moment the light hit. It was a revelation.

  • Moving to snobby Toronto and feeling completely disconnected and lost.

  • Realizing that because no one knew me, I could be whoever I wanted to be. Actively deciding to create the kind of experiences I wanted to have in my life.

  • The dance program going into the local Y and meeting Marjorie. Marjorie was my first mentor and changed my life. I went from attending 1 class on Saturday mornings to going every day after school, demonstrating and assisting in classes and finally teaching and performing. Marjorie taught me professionalism, the importance of presence and that giving 110% to something you love is a joy.

  • Working at Canada's Wonderland and learning to work my butt off while having a blast. The teenage freedom it represented.

  • Getting hired to play Papa Smurf in a show and actually getting paid to attend dance classes. It was a miracle.

  • Reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad in grade 12. It shattered my worldview. It took me over a year (maybe longer) to recuperate.

  • My parents' divorce, losing my family but gaining an intense bond with my siblings.

  • My increasingly difficult relationship with my dad.

  • Deciding on a whim to audition for the theatre program. I got in and it changed my life. I often say, everything I need to know I learned from theatre, and I mean it.

  • Going to graduate school for drama and suddenly being amidst my tribe - interesting, smart, engaged, creative people. I felt at home. I had the opportunity to act, to direct, to coach movement, to choreograph, to become a leader and an editor. It changed who I am.

  • The moment when I knew I had to leave my long-term relationship. I left with no money, no job and no idea what I was going to do next. Thank you, Shannon, for the way you took me in and all of the support you gave.

  • Clubbing. Expending all my explosive energy dancing night after night with Shannon and our dear friend Gala. Rediscovering my sense of self, my sensuality, my power and my connection to the Universe through dance.

  • Creating a theatre company, Stubborn Muses, with a colleague from school and later with Shannon.

  • Meeting my husband, the best gift the Universe ever gave me, and learning what love can be.

  • Leaving my doctoral studies.

  • Actively searching for my best work, what I wanted to do in the world, and discovering coaching.

  • Buying a house with Justin and the growing journey it has been every since.

  • Discovering Nia and healing my dancer's heart.

  • Starting my own business.

  • Leaping full-time into my own business
This is my story so far. I wonder what's next.


danette said...

Wow Jamie. What an amazing list of turning points. I wonder what kind of line your journey would draw on a map, there are a lot of beautiful turns in there!

Thank you for sharing them all.

chest of drawers said...

There are so many unique, positive bends in your story so far. One of my turning points was your connection with me. You have been such an influence in my life and the way I live and feel today. I felt bland before and you´ve helped me find my color.

miss*R said...

each time I visit here - I am just speechless... you are such an amazing woman!!!!! You inspire me so much thankyou xo
blessings for this week ~ through water xoxo

Genie Sea said...

Your turning points read like a list of accomplishments. What an awesome resume for the position of Life! :)

You have inspired me, as well as many others, on this journey, and set in motion many many turning points.

There is a big group of people twirling around in ecstasy like whirling dervishes because of you!

Thank you! Hugs! ♥

Anonymous said...

I wonder what is next, too!!!! What a very exciting list of positive turning points!

Tori said...

You have an amazing list here. It's like a story in a book. I want to know what comes next!

I think what I love most about the list, though, is that it has a good balance of happy and sad things. It is so easy to just try and forget when something sad happens to us instead of embracing it and learning something.

Sandra said...

Thanks for including so much - it was very interesting to read.

Gemma said...

You are an amazing woman Jamie. It seems you made the best out of the twists and turns of your life.
Rock on! So happy you are living la vie dansant.

Shannon said...

Wow, Jamie, what a formidable list. That is really, truly, amazing.

And I'll always take you in :)

Kavindra said...

Yowza! You really do rock! I'm in awe, a little intimidated, and alot inspired. Thanks.

Turtleheart said...

Wonderful list. Beautiful. Thanks for helping me think about this day's topic outside of my box.

Beautiful Witch said...

How very inspiring Jamie! I wish I had seen you being Papa Smurf. :) This line of your post jumped out to me: "Realizing that because no one knew me, I could be whoever I wanted to be." This was also a revelation to me when I moved overseas. It provided both incredible freedom and incredible fear. It's a wonderful situation that not many people can embrace and make whole. I am not sure I have ever truly embraced it, but I can smell some more opportunities in the wind where perhaps I will overcome more fear and truly embrace the possiblity. Now doesn't that just sound divine?

Leah said...

thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and powerful turning points, jamie!

Romana Mirza said...

What drew me in was how many positive turning points you've had. When I did my list I focused on the negative ones - perhaps that's just my way of turning. Thank you for sharing you life with us - and yes, indeed, we an anxiously awaiting what is next dear Radiance!

Sacred Suzie said...

Fantastic list Jamie and that is a lot of turning points and I was with you for so many. I love that most of your most recent ones were all positives, yay!

Serena said...

(Actively deciding to create the kind of experiences I wanted to have in my life.) I like the sound of that. What a wonderful list of turning points in your life.

Jamie, you are an amazingly centred woman and you are a true inspiration to all of us.

Thank you ~

whenigrowupcoach said...

We have so many things in common, from divorced parents to a passion for the theater to getting married & being coaches. I not only want to do my only Soul Coaching book month but I want to devour the rest of your blog. Thank you.


Melba said...

I really liked reading this list of yours. When you wrote about your relationship with your Dad I had to pause, I actually can't imagine you having anything but a flowing relationship with everyone because you are so open, so warm, so understanding, But I know from my own experience how complex the relationship with our family members can be.