Sunday, November 23, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 22: Connecting with your Body

We are moving into our last week of Soul Coaching and it is Earth Week. This is a time for connecting to our physical environment, including our bodies. The first level task today was to do an assessment of where our body is at and level 2 was to make a commitment to our body. As I was reading the assessment questions, I kept thinking about what I've learned from my body, so that's what I thought I'd share today.

Things I've Learned From and About My Body
(Thank you, body!)
  • I am more available to life when my body's needs are taken care of.
  • I feel safer and more at ease when I have attended to regular medical and dental care, even though the experience of the care itself may be uncomfortable or scary.
  • I feel more confident when my body is loved and cared for.
  • My body is a source of pleasure.
  • My body connects me to people I love.
  • My body is a source of wisdom and intuition.
  • My body will not be ignored.
  • My body is an important part of who I am in this life, in this world.
  • My body loves to move.
  • My body enjoys sweating.
  • My body could use more downtime, less adrenalin.
  • My body carries my life experience with her everywhere.
  • My body likes to wiggle.
  • My body expresses my emotions, often of her own accord.
  • My body is finely tuned, being sensitive and having sensitivities.
  • My body holds my tension.
  • My entire system appreciates having vitamins and nutrient-rich food.
  • My feet prefer being bare.
  • Some parts of my body are stronger than others.
  • My body loves clothes she can move in.
  • My body lets me know when she needs a break
  • My body prefers many small servings of food.
  • My body would like more water.
  • My body has an emotional relationship with stretching.
  • My masseters have forgotten how to relax, but I'm learning how to remind them.
  • My body loves being cared for, especially with trips to the spa, facials and massages.
  • Life is better when I treat my body with love rather than with impatience, anger and frustration as I have done in the past. Luckily, my body forgives me.
  • My body loves to be loved.
My commitment to my body this week is to get enough sleep and some extra rest. This past week has been an emotional one, and I can feel my body just wants to curl up a little extra and let it all sink in. I'm going to listen.

What have you learned from your body?
What would your body like this week?

This month I'm exploring Denise Linn's Soul Coaching with an inspirational group of bloggers at The Next Chapter: Soul Coaching.


Anonymous said...

Your list speaks volumes of the unconditional love that resides in our bodies for us. It's duty to house the soul. Fantastic. I hope you get more rest, more water and lots of hugs this week! you deserve it ALL!!

Kavindra said...

This is just fantastic. You are always an inspiration!

I wanted to tell you also I'm going to Nia tomorrow! I got intrigued by your talking about it. I can't wait. So thanks for that too.

gemma said...

Obviously your dancing has gotten you in tune with your body. What a great list. Fantastic Jamie!!!

miss*R said...

You sound like you are pretty much in tune with your body. well done!
lots more water - yes, yes & yes!!
try a lovely champagne glass, lemon in the water or even an old tea cup with warm water.. warm water is so much better than cold as it doesn't put out the digestive fire :)

Caroline said...

Such an inspiring post! I need to honor my body more! This is going to be a good week...I will be working hard on mindfulness!

Turtleheart said...

Such a lovely list, you are so in tune with your body! It shows how you are really listening to the wisdom of your body and honoring it. I need to take time to do this.

danette said...

I love this approach so much more than the assessment suggested for level one. That felt a little like a report card, and this feels like a harvest.

The body is brilliant and beautiful!

What a wonderful teacher.

Romana Mirza said...

I love the comparison of a report card to Jamie's harvest. Thank you for sharing that inspiring list. When I started reading I thought "oh I wish I was in tune like her so I could write a list like this too", then half way down I thought "hey, I an write a list like this!" Thanks for sharing.

Serena said...

WOW! You are truly listening to your body, Jamie....great list!

creativehealinggoddess said...

I love the mosaic wow your like a breath of fresh air.

Sacred Suzie said...

You've always had a great relationship with your body Jamie, I think resting and having some down time is a perfect choice for this week.

Jul said...

Great list.

I think my body would like to do some yoga this week!

Her Speak said...

Water Water! I think I'll pick out a pretty cup and saucer to drink it out of. Perhaps I'll label it with a mantra: The more water I drink, the stronger I become. The more water I drink the more beautiful I become...

As always, an inspiring post!
Many blissings~*