Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 10: Energy Zappers & Juicers

For today's Soul Coaching tasks, I chose to do level 1 and level 2, noticing what zaps your energy and also what juices it. I didn't cast about and create a list of the zappers and juicers I know about me. I simply focused on today. Here's what I noticed.

Energy Zappers
  • Sugar
  • Clutter
  • Undone paperwork & to dos
  • Not having a home for things
  • Work that is not a good fit
  • Phoniness
  • Jinx (my cat) when she is needy
  • When my daily to-do list is too long
  • Wrestling with computer tech stuff
  • Being hungry
  • Being thirsty
  • Not having enough food in the house
  • Dust
  • Discouragement
  • PMS
  • Vitamin-deficient eating
  • Shoulds

Energy Juicers!

  • My husband
  • My clients
  • Waking up early and having the whole day ahead of me
  • A delicious cup of coffee
  • Having a hot shower
  • Ideas
  • Spa visits
  • Clothes I feel good in
  • Big, beautiful rings
  • A great haircut
  • Having a clean house
  • Alone time
  • Listening to music that suits my mood
  • The noticeable difference an effort makes
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Researching & thinking about real estate
  • Chatting with like-minded spirits
  • Exploring possibilities

I also noticed that there are some things that start out as energy zappers (like organizing my finances) that become energy juicers (like my organized finances).

This month I'm exploring Denise Linn's Soul Coaching with an inspirational group of bloggers at The Next Chapter: Soul Coaching.


Genie Sea said...

It is amazing how we can change our zappers into juicers! Just by the touch of a well manicured had adorned with big beautiful rings! :)

Shannon said...

Oh ! I love the possibility of zappers becoming juicers! Talk about an energy transformation!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Things that we dread becoming a smile source when they are done ... sounds so familiar. ;) Yes, they happen to me almost every day. :)

creativehealinggoddess said...

fantastic re frame from energy zapper organizing to energizer organized.

Anonymous said...

I love the transformation of one energy vibration to another with the simple act of completion. Wow!
--everyone's ideas and experiences are all so different and yet they all make sense--it is a wonderful thing!!

Fatma said...

I love that you focused just on today and noticed what brings you down or what lifts you up. You juicer list was a delight to read!

The picture is so appropriate.


Allison said...

I am so glad you have 'a great haircut' & 'spa visits' on your juicer list - as I agree & am planning on them soon!

Romana Mirza said...

I tried hard to focus creating a list from my day, I even started it but overall my whole day felt like a zapper so I took a different approach. What I love about reading your list is that it's very very similar to mine - I didn't finish mine but I know 80% of it would be a match, cool.

Gemma said...

My favorite: possibilities!!!
Great inspiring list Jamie.

Leila Anasazi said...

Ohhh. I got a great haircut today. Yes, yes. Juice. It's been a year since my last hair cut, and I started feeling zapped by my "bad" hair many, many months ago, but neglected to really identify that on-going dis-charge to my energy. Thanks for putting it on your list and underscoring the power-zap of sad hair.

danette said...

I had the same thought about finances today, feeling zapped when faced with overdue paperwork but remembering the juice of having everything up to date and organized...

That was really high on the juice, actually.

It's like the difference between getting to the gym in a snowstorm, and leaving the gym after a fantastic sweat.

Good to keep our eyes on the destination...:)

Beautiful Witch said...

Ooohh - that's a good thought - "I also noticed that there are some things that start out as energy zappers and become energy juicers". I'm going to have another look at my list and see where that occurs for me. Thanks!

solsticedreamer said...

Vitamin-deficient eating...that is so me right now. i said to my swampy last night i needed lots of fruit right now

Sacred Suzie said...

Wonderful list Jamie and that photograph is perfect for this exercise! I'm with you on the not having food part especially, I have a chronic problem in my kitchen in that area. May we get lots of food and time to ourselves with beautiful music soon.