Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Song for My Sisters

Party Train by the Gap Band
Several years ago now I used to do a lot of clubbing and there was a real retro revival going on, particularly of the '80s. We can certainly see that now in fashion. And as an aside, I will not be wearing neon, or baggy T-shirts with tights any time soon (though "Peter Pan getaway boots," maybe, hehe). One of the things I noticed with the retro music was that it was primarily New Wave music that was getting lots of play and there were many, many things that were getting left out.
I stumbled across this video by the Gap Band and it took me immediately back to a particular time and place in our household. We taped videos like fiends with tapes named things like "Videos," "More Videos," "Even More Videos," "Can You Believe It? Even More Videos." And this one got a lot of play. So I'm sharing it with my sisters, Suzie and Shannon, so they can get a little groove on today. Feel free to dance along!


Sacred Suzie said...

That is SOOOO awesome Jamie! Man, I love those leather pants, they rock. That was so much fun.

I miss videos! They never show them these days and lately if they do they're so sleazy and trashy and not fun. The 80s were so much fun! I mean two people getting into a boxing rink and dancing? People dancing down the street? That is so much fun and much more interesting and so optimistic. I miss that.

We used to have so much fun watching videos, I loved doing that. I love that our family really embraces music! Thank you!

Thursday's Child said...

You know, music has a lot of power!

That being said, this song certainly made me do the little office chair boogie, to be sure.

Shannon said...

OMG that was awesome!!!! I've not seen that in well.. um.. a long time!! Thank you so much for sharing it brings back so many great memories!

Get on that train! woot!