Friday, November 30, 2007

Creative Dreams

Melba tagged me to share my creative dreams. What a wonderful way to finish off NaBloPoMo, especially as the time was full of inspiration and new creative blogging friends. I am so glad that I participated this year.

I have been thinking about my creative dreams lately. I've got a million of them. Some have been close to my heart for years, some are new, and some have snuck up on me unawares. On Monday in my Expressive Arts therapy class our focus was theatre and it hit me like a storm how much I missed it. The depth of my reaction was completely unexpected and sent me reeling for a couple of days. Clearly that needs to be a part of my life.

At the heart of my creative dreams is my deeply held belief that the arts belong to everybody. All the arts. Everybody. Yep, that means I think everyone should have the experience of singing out loud and dancing with abandon and getting their hands mucky with clay and sharing their story in words and much, much more. All of it is a gift for each of us, a gift for us to experience ourselves and for us to share. That's why I love the creative blogging community. That's why I started Circe's Circle. That's why I do the work that I do.

And I also have to remember that because the arts belong to everybody, that means me too. I need time to express myself creatively.
I'm coming to understand that my creativity lends itself to something akin to performance art - something that combines many disciplines and creates magic in a particular space, at a particular time. For my Expressive Arts studio project I'm going to be turning my Wishcasting blog into a performance piece. I'll share my wishes and the audience will have a chance to cast their own.

And the project that's been in my heart for 10 years is a multidisciplinary production of a beautiful classic tale. Sometimes I can be pretty hard on myself for not having realized this particular project. But for the first time it has occurred to me that perhaps it's taken this long for me to be ready for it. It involves theatre, storytelling, photography, music and who knows what else. Maybe puppets. I love puppets.

Ultimately my creative dream is living creatively by expressing myself through the arts and supporting others in doing the same, by approaching life itself as art and seeing what beauty I can create in the time I have.

Wishing life and love to your creative dreams,



Polly said...

Beautiful, beautiful, exciting dreams and ideas and thoughts. I can't wait for the live wishcasting!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Jamie, you are such a good coach to all of us! You inspires us to play, to be happy and free. What a wonderful path you are on helping others this way and I can not wait to see what it is you create for wishes. I wonder if you could go onto the world of Youtube with all your peformance ideas and share them with the world like you do here in blogland with your support. You're amazing!

Leah said...

i love your logo, jamie!!

and i think you're right about how sometimes we haven't accomplished a particular dream because everything we're going through is preparing us for it! xox

Marilyn said...

Oh, Jamie, what a GREAT way to wrap up November! :) Can't wait to see what you do with Wishcasting. And I second Suzie's idea...give some thought to using YouTube. Don't beat yourself up over holding onto that one dream for 10 years. Take it from one who knows...sometimes they need to incubate for AWHILE. ;) Everything in its right time... xoxo

Jana B said...

WOW!!!! That is an amazing dream to have... when it takes shape, and performance time comes, make sure to invite me! That sounds SO AMAZINGLY awesome to watch!

Does the audience get to participate?

I'm glad that as you are coaching everyone else, you are taking time to coach your creative self too. You rock Jamie... the coolest example of a creative spirit.