Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Saturday Night in Toronto (aka why I love my city)

This Saturday Justin & I took a much-needed break and headed down to Harbourfront to explore the Beats, Breaks & Culture festival of electronic music. One of my favourite things about this city is that you can always head out and experience something new and often for free.

We were really lucky and got an awesome seat in a restaurant to the side of the stage. We spent the night drinking sangria, listening to music and enjoying the breeze coming in off Lake Ontario. It was a treat. One cool thing about this event was how many different people were sitting and listening to the music, including families. This one woman had a handful with her 4 boys. Justin and I were completely taken with this one kid who was absorbed with reading this week's NOW.

And in this night of electronic music, breakdance competitions and tented dance floors...

Other amazing things could be seen, like street Scrabble.

And art exhibits, including a series of farm portraits. We fit right in, hehe.


Rebecca said...

street scrabble? that's SO cool! wow. have you played?

Sacred Suzie said...

Very very very cool! I'm so glad you did this and I agree, there's nothing like summer fun in Toronto. I miss it very much and am so glad that you're both out and about having tons of fun and seeing such amazing sites! That's what life is all about. The adventures, no matter where you are.