Monday, June 04, 2007

The Success Principles ~ Principle 13

Principle 13 of Jack Canfield's Success Principles is an awesome one: Take Action. I found there were really three key concepts in this chapter: talk is cheap, nothing happens until you take action and fail forward.

Talk is cheap: I, myself, would call this "getting past planning." Canfield explains that so many of us can get caught up in the organizing, analyzing, strategizing, planning that we never get into action. Of course, he's not talking about any of us, right? hehe. I see this as a coach all the time and yes, I see it in the mirror. When you're embarking on something new, particularly something life-changing and dream-building, it often feels so much safer to spend time with the lists and the plans and hope that nobody (including yourself) notices that in fact you are hiding there. Eventually, you have to come out and play. Well, if you really want something to happen, that is.

Nothing happens until you take action: I'm going to rename this one too. I would call it magic happens when you move. When you actually take a step towards your dreams, things and people start to shift around you. Opportunities show up. Connections get made. Magic happens. When you're standing in the wings, with your head still buried in the script, the universe doesn't actually know that you're ready. She thinks you're still preparing. So step out onto the stage and let the show begin!

Fail Forward: Okay, are you already hating the word "fail"? Is it sending you back to the books? In order to become successful at what you want to do, you must be willing to fail, or as my Nia trainer said, "You've got to be willing to suck." To really become great at something, you have to do it. I love the example Jack uses to illustrate this, "The quickest way to hit a target is to fire, see where the bullet landed, and then adjust your aim accordingly." (Okay, I'd change the bullet to an arrow too because gun imagery does not work for me - but I thought the point was key).

What's something that you've been planning but haven't yet taken action on? How about doing it this week and sharing your story with us? How did it feel to go from planning to doing? Did things start to shift? Did you fail gloriously and learn? Did magic happen? If you write it up on your blog, I'll post links to it with next week's Success Principle post.


Leah said...

i got the audiobook version of the success principles and really enjoyed it! i think i'm going to have to listen to it many times to take it all in.

the thing that i immediately thought of that i need to take action on, is illustrating a children's book. this week is not the week for more action as i've committed to finishing my website and i'll be traveling, but i can start to play, take a small action in the right direction. i'll let ya know how it goes.

Melanie Margaret said...


In my journals from my twenties I ask myself over and over again:

When do I move from words into action?

I was wanting to move, but full of fear so I only truly lived in my journals.

Now I live a different life full of action.

Still I do find myself procrastinating.
The computer is a way I connect and get inspired
yet it is also a place I hide. I let myself get lost so there is not time for action.

Where I am right now is more about balance than action...

I think it is something (not that I will struggle with)...
Something that I will have to always be aware of.

Thank you for this post Jamie!

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading Canfied's "The Success Principles." Lot of great nuggets of information.


Jessie said...

oh yummy art making people! oh yummy art making space!

what's something that i've been planning but haven't yet taken action? oh, LOTS of things! most importantly, getting a web design business rolling!

i love ya, jamie! you always remind me of the very important things in life: living from the heart!

Suzie Ridler said...

Amazing post Jamie, I will think about this one and also get my butt in gear! We can over think things can't we?

Shannon said...

I love this post. I'm so inspired by it. I'm totally going to do something, I don't know what yet but I will and maybe I'll just do it without making a list as a go around.

Dang, I already wrote it on my to do list. I'll do it. I'll post about it. I will.

Anonymous said...

This scares me! I'm not yet willing to give a dismal performance simply in order to locate my artistic heartbeat. But I'm such a perfectionist that I sometimes get paralyzed. Thank you so much for this post. I think I need to incorporate his idea into my practice.

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

Thank you for sharing this book with us!
As you know, I am trying to move my words into actions. I am getting there, and I thank you for your support!
This was my favorite and I firmly believe on this: "The quickest way to hit a target is to fire, see where the bullet landed, and then adjust your aim accordingly."

P.S. Good luck on your NIA class, that picture of you is great!