Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mean Cat Lady

I absolutely never imagined myself as a mean cat lady. I love cats and have always made friends with the neighbourhood felines. I've got pictures of cats galore - mine and others. When I was in Holland, I took pictures of cats from Delft to Den Haag. But this summer these three little mites have moved into the hood and they are destroying my garden. And you know how I feel about my garden.

It was such a horrible feeling to get into the yard, exciting by sprouting tulips, crocus and hyacinth, only to discover that at least one corner of the garden is being entirely used as a litterbox for this neighbourhood gang of three! This picture is now all I have left of this beautiful, delicate "whirling butterfly."

And though I spent the day yesterday squirting them with water and shooing them away, how d you shoo away a face like this:


Shannon said...

Awww, I'm sure most cats don't think of you as the mean cat lady - but I hope that troublesome trio does!!!! Bad cats!!! Although.. they look pretty cute, but - bad bad!!!

Suzie Ridler said...

That really sucks Jamie. It's hard when you are a nature lover to have it become a nuisance like that. I had about 20 glorious ruby red tulips and the deer here ate every single one. I've given up on the garden because it just turns into a feast for them.

I'm sure they know it isn't personal and you really gotta protect your turf, that's the reality of the animal kingdom. It still bites though. Not literally of course!

Leah said...

oh dear, that would be tough for me too! oh, they're so cute though! that orange poof ball looks just like my Tabbers! :-)

Vedrana M. said...

i hope you'll save some of your garden... btw i added wishcasting banner :)