Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Announcing Summer Nia with Jamie

I am so excited to announce my first regular Nia class. For those of you in the Toronto area, I'd love it if you'd come out and join me for Nia this summer.

Summer Nia
with Jamie
Wednesdays 5:00 ~ 6:00
June 6 to August 22
Dance Studio
Trinity-St. Paul's
427 Bloor Street West
Discover the joy of moving your body's way.
Nia is a movement practice that is performed barefoot
and draws on dance arts, martial arts and the healing hearts
to create a pleasurable fitness experience.
Summer Price: $10/class
for more information contact Jamie

If you're not in Toronto but would love to experience Nia, check out for classes near you. And even better, come out to justBe... Connected where I'll be sharing Nia at the opening and closing of the conference. I'll look forward to dancing with you!


Leah said...

Jamie!!! that rocks!!! congratulations to you. Anyone joining in your classes will be lucky to have you as their teacher!

Caroline said...

Hi Jamie StarShyne
I was just going to say what Leah said. In my experience, the teacher is key in any classroom. The content is secondary -- although based on these photos, teacher and content are one and the same. I'm excited for you and your students.

bee said...

yeaaagh!!! nia!!! sounds amazing...

there's finally a few classes opening up in montreal...what a fabulous form...

Shannon said...

I'll be there : )and very much looking forward to it!! YAY for Nia with Jamie!

Star said...

This is fabulous, Jamie. Congratulations!

chest of drawers said...

Wonderful! Your class is going to be amazing - I´m so sorry I don´t live in Toronto.

Melba said...

this picture of you is beautiful and soooo Full of Life!!!


swampgrrl said...

oh, girl, i wish i could come shake my booty with you!!!

Alexandra S said...

I'm now catching up on all your blog posts of late! I have never heard of Nia before but it sounds really interesting. My cousin ,Marianne, has been doing something possibly similar for the past 35 years. I thought you might want to check out her site at You sound like you might be kindred souls. The Canfield book sounds great. I think I liked your observations and insights as much as I would like the actual book. I'm inspired Jamie by your focus and commitment to your personal growth. ANd congrats to teaching your first class! That is simply awesome! You have me thinking about what I can do today to step right on out of my comfort zone as well. I wholeheartedly agree that is always, always where the fruit has been in my experience too.

Jennifer Hicks said...

I'll be there Nia sister!

Joy, oh joy!