Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Success Principle ~ Principle #11

Principle #11 of Jack Canfield's Success Principles is "See what you want, get what you see." He explains the power of visualization, how it works and also provides some suggestions for using it in your life. He says the process of visualization is simple: "Close your eyes and see your goals as already complete." He suggests making those images as vivid as you can and visiting them in your mind when you wake up and before you go to bed.

He also suggests using printed images to help, recommending creating collages and vision boards. This is something I've been doing for years. Whenever I feel like it's time to revision or recentre, I pull out the magazines and the bristol board. Collaging has also become very much a part of my daily journalling, and it is an exercise I often recommend to my clients. As a part of this success principle, you use images that represent the specifics of what you want, perhaps a particular kind of house or a trip to Paris or a puppy.
Working from another direction, I have found that collaging has the ability to invoke your intuition. Sometimes you find yourself pulling certain images out, not really knowing why but sensing a connection and trusting it. For example, recently I've found myself attracted to images of sailing (this from a woman who is terrified of deep water!) and horses. Both the images surprised me a bit but made sense when I started to think about what they might represent - freedom, passion, adventure, being in the moment, being independent,.
In the collage above, I was working on setting some intentions for different priority areas in my life: my business, my creative work, my relationships, my self and my home. I divided the board into those areas and then started adding pictures that spoke to me. I found some surprises - like my creative work, for me, is where glamour lives (middle bottom).
In this chapter, Jack Canfield recommends adding sounds and feelings to the pictures. I recommend you invite all of your senses in, invite the flavour of your dream into your life today. "What emotions and bodily sensations would you be feeling if you had already achieved your goal?" If you're cooking dinner for friends, imagine that it's opening night of your new restaurant. If you're walking down the street and the sun is shining on your face, close your eyes for a moment and imagine it's shining on you in the Dominican Republic.
We all have a tendency to relate to certain senses better than the others. Get creative. If you're an auditory person, try recording your imagined news release of your success, "This just in, Mary Shapiro wins the Pulitzer Prize. Even as a girl, Mary..." Play it back to yourself every day. If you're kinesthetic, explore what body posture represents where you want to be. Next time you walk down the grocery aisle, imagine you're walking down the red carpet. How would you stand? What size are your steps? What's the expression on your face? Smile into the freezer shelves. The ice cream won't laugh!
The main thing is to make it real for you, to make the feeling of your success very familiar.
What dream will you explore and how will you try it on?


Claudia said...

Thankyou so much for this...just what I need to keep my mind and hands busy and get my goals clear.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks Jamie. I believe in visualization (sp?), and used it in my high school language classroom. I use it in the gym. But look how quickly I forget to do it!

Julie said...

This is something that I think I need to try again sometime. My first attempt was OK but I'd like to try a different format next time--maybe use 5 X 7" pieces of matt board or even playing cards (I've been dying to try making some ATC-type cards and this might be a great opportunity to combine these). I guess what I'm looking for is something more portable that I can take with me anywhere.

Shannon said...

Funny, I love collaging but never been big on visualization. Maybe it's time to dive in and try this one as it feels like a happy combo of the two.

Great post, I always look forward to these :)

Melanie Margaret said...

Although I think vision/dream boards are wonderful I rarely do them I have, but not often.

I really want to capture my everyday more visually, but not with taking photographs. I like photography, but it doesn't speak to me as much as collecting bits from my everyday life. Someway this summer I want to create something or a series for myself that represents my life as it is now.

As always I enjoyed this post!


Jessie said...

I read this post this morning and stopped what I was doing to sit down and write in my journal. I did this because I realized (when I closed my eyes) that I didn't know what I wanted my life to look like...not exactly anyway.

This is some powerful stuff, chica. Thanks for inspiring me to get get down to the finer details of creating the life I want. It was a good way start to my day--and I felt a shift within me because of it.

Suzie Ridler said...

You've been inspiring Shannon and I to do this sort of exploration for a long time Jamie! Remember how it got me to realize I am a feminine woman? LOL. I think we may have unleased a pretty monster there but I'm so glad.

I think of you and sailing and what that means. Sailing ideally is incredible free, serene and absolutely going with the flow and being in tune with air and water. I like this for you!

I can never find images I like in magazines so I may try and do this with internet images instead. I realized when Mom was here that there are a few things I do want to manifest. Thank you!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

That's one of the reasons I love making soul collage because it makes me move all kind of junk mail and magazines and images on the web to try to transmit what I am sensing or feeling.
I forgot to tell you I have been enjoying that Nia link, specially the one about walking and how to move with the videos including the pelvis one, that one was fun! Thank you!