Thursday, April 05, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Dancing Fool

May 1, 2007 is
the 2nd Annual Shyne Like a Star Virtual Dance Party

All you have to do to participate is dance for 15 minutes.
Choose some tunes that move your soul.
Dance alone. Dance with your Mom.
Dance in your kitchen. Dance in the park.
Just dance for 15 minutes on May 1st
and join the "dance is for everybody" revolution!

And now to our poem. I read this recently in Gabrielle Roth's powerful book Sweating Our Prayers.

Dancing Fool
By Jewel Mathieson

No monkey business

I'm not just dancing
I'm dismembering muscular memory
and shaping the things to come
I'm not just dancing
I'm purging my media soaked soul
of systems and Hugh Hefners
I'm not just dancing
I'm uprooting weeds that have sprouted
in the cracks of my heart
I'm not just dancing
I'm offering my bones
to the continental bridge
I'm not just dancing
I'm praying
I'm praying
Rippin' thru like nobody's business
nobody's business
like everybody's fool
everybody's fool
Ya, Jewel The Fool
Jewel The Fool


Left-handed Trees... said...

I LOVE the motion of the poem's they undulate and GO. A virtual dance party? Oh my...

bookbinds said...

You did a great job establishing a rhythm and energy in the poem which complements its content.

Shannon said...

Woohoo!!! So exciting that the Dance party is back, I can't wait to get my groove on!

Beaman said...

I've made a note of the date. May have to practice before then. :p

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love dancing so really enjoyed reading this poem and will make a nte of the date and join you in a virtual dance!

la vie en rose said...

i love it! i missed this last year...just forget...i want to be sure to remember this time! i love the poem and the pic. they really get in the spirit!

Sacred Suzie said...

"I'm offering my bones..."

I LOVE that!

The poem is perfect for this event Jamie and you can bet me and R will dance that special day, I can hardly wait to all dance together in spirit.

chest of drawers said...

How quickly a year goes by!I´ll be dancing again!

Vedrana M. said...

this is great, i wish i was home and saw it but i hope to dance next year :)