Friday, April 06, 2007

Here comes the Sun(ny)

I don't know quite where to begin to share with you my wild excitement and deep gratitude for what started as an email and turned into the beginnings of a very special relationship. Sunny Schlenger has buoyed me up, got me thinking and reinforced my belief in generosity and in the power of the universe. She's a special lady.

Last week I received a lovely, thoughtful email in response to one of my Success Principle posts. I hit 'reply' to say thank you and then thought, "Oh, I should go look at the sender's website first and get a sense of who they are." So I went to and thought, "Wow, this site looks nice. Oh... what?... omg, this is the woman who wrote Organizing for the Spirit."

Now, I've posted about how I received that book at Christmas from my Auntie Laima and that I thought it was beautiful, sensitive, insightful and so helpful. I've recommended this book many times. I immediately wrote to Sunny and told her I was thrilled to hear from her and shared how much I enjoyed her book and appreciated her encouragement.

Then the most astonishing thing happened. Sunny not only wrote back but she also offered to help me along in my journey and within a couple of days we were chatting on the phone. Sunny is warm, funny, practical, intuitive and an all-round wonderful human being. I have learned so much from her already. She has provided me with inspiration and guidance in deepening the foundations of my coaching practice. My mind has been racing ever since! Which Sunny just knew would happen so she encouraged me to be gentle with myself and my work. Hehe, I told you she was intuitive :) Thank you, Sunny.

I'm sharing this with you in part because I want to exuberantly shout with joy the gratitude I have for Sunny reaching out and becoming a part of my life. And in part because I really want you to know that this can happen. That someone who was once a stranger can make a difference in your life. And you can reach out and make a difference in someone else's. And that the universe truly hears you when you make lists and put out there what your heart is longing for. You see, thanks to Sunny, I can now put a joyful checkmark beside #11 on
my 101 List: Find a Mentor.


la vie en rose said...

woo-hoo! i'm celebratin' with ya!

krista said...

oh my god! Jamie. How awesome. I love watching you move along this path, it's so inspiring!

Sacred Suzie said...

I am still so amazed how Sunny came into your life Jamie. As the eldest child, this must be particularly moving to have someone guiding you as oppose to you guiding all of us. I'm so happy for you in so many ways.

I'm also working on my wish list! You're making a believer out of me.

swampgrrl said...

hey girl. what an inspiring connection! i love hearing about how the universe makes all these things happen. you rock, girl!

bee said...

hi,'s been a while. i am so proud of you for manifesting what you's wonderful.