Sunday, February 11, 2007

Creative Challenge Day: Yellow

This week's Creative Challenge on Create a Connection is to explore the colour yellow: a straightforward colour, a warm colour, a happy colour, a generous colour.

It's a colour of memories. My favourite colour, as a girl. The colour of my aura back then, I believed. It's the colour of forsythias, a word I had so much trouble pronouncing when I was small. The colour of my own bedroom when we moved to Toronto. The colour of my Dad's Volkswagen Rabbit. The colour of my very first dining room.

A colour that offers the promise of spring.


Crafty Green Poet said...

This is lovely, such concentrated yellow. Makes me long for the spring....

Anonymous said...

mmmm forsythias....a sure harbinger of spring because you can cut them and force them to bloom, unless of course January temperatures of 70 degrees have already done that just in time to be slaughtered by temperatures in the single digits (ah, Maryland).

Thanks for joining in with Creative Challenge Sunday!

Love the memories of yellow you have - my room was yellow too!

Unknown said...

Hi Jamie,
Wow, that's a jolt of energy. Even though the winter has been mild, it has maintained its dull grey and brown palette.

I've enjoyed your comments on my blog. You are so positive and insightful. I'm sure you are a wonderful life coach.

nyjlm said...

I had a yellow room too, and my son has a yellow room (I chose it while I was pregnant).

I momentarily forgot this until I read your post!