Friday, February 09, 2007

Photo Thursday ~ Imagination

February's Photo Thursday at Create a Connection is being hosted by Tammy. And the topic she's set us for this week is "Imagination."

When I was doing my coaching training, one of the assignments we had was to bring in something that represented us. I went home and made this. In the centre I placed a candle in a white holder inscribed with the word "magic." Thinking about this for "Imagination" I reaalized that I turned instinctively to creativity to answer the question "who are you?" Perhaps that said more than the piece itself.


Tammy said...

wow - it is not only lovely, but very moving! I also turn to creativity when I think about who I am. This is a fairly new development.

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Look at those dynamic colours and textures Jamie! Asking ourselves these questions truly does require our imagination to think out of the box or in this case, inside a circle.


Anonymous said...

I think it is so cool that when asked to bring something you instintively made something. So beautiful!


Vedrana M. said...

wonderful :) love it

Sophie said...

That's wonderful :)

xo Sophie

melba said...

I love this; beautiful!