Friday, January 12, 2007

Try Day ~ Noticing Disruption & Change

Hosting Try Day this past week, I invited everyone to put on their intuitive ears and detective eyes and notice, gather and then glean from the things that caught their attention. I've posted about the visual things that caught my eye, but man, there have been rumblings that are talking directly to my gut!

Here are some loud messages that have come my way:

  • Where I freelance, after the holidays my building passcard didn't work, my logon didn't work, and this week the company was sold.
  • New reviews of the vacation spot we're going to in 2 weeks reveal that the resort is clearly not ready and below standard.
  • There have been glitches in two of my current business dealings.
  • I have been sick for a week.

Think change is coming? Interestingly, when I had my astrological reading this week, I said to Wendy, "It feels like I've been working towards these things FOREVER." To which she replied, "I have a feeling things are going to pick up shortly." Looks like she's right! I'll keep you posted.

Come and participate in this week's Try Day. It will be posted Saturday morning at Create a Connection.


Anonymous said...

oh no no no no! i can't believe that about the resort, oh jamie, that sucks

hang in there, i know it's all going to work out, this comes from a woman in bandages! is that good?

Jamie said...

There must be something in the air, Suzie! And yes, we're in conversation with our travel agent about what our options are. Wish us luck!

Anonymous said...

good luck! i will light a candle for you and hope you can get out of it, that so bites! thanks for letting us know

Anonymous said...

first ... that sucks about your vacation.

second ... what an amazing list of things, and loud things too. the kind of things that say - hey grrl, you can't ignore us!

three ... are you on the verge of a healing breakthrough? (just popped into my head about the "change" you mention).

keep us posted on the vacation.

Jessie said...

jamie, i love that photograph and the way it reflects the potential for new beginnings.

i can feel it too--for both of us (for many of us!). and i believe that it's leading to something incredible if we can just stay open to that feeling (despite obstacles!). :)

Alex S said...

All these things must be happening for a reason, to free you up for new possibilities, something grand, something that perhaps couldn't break through if all these other things were working as expected. Still I wish our paths could be easier, much easier! I'm thinking of you and sending you good, warm vibes for the weeks ahead Jamie!

Laini Taylor said...

Good luck, Jamie! I hope the good omens outweigh the bad!

Deb R said...

That's awful about the resort! I hope your travel agent helps you work something out so you can have a good trip.

PS...I mean to email you but am not sure if I did (it's been one of those weeks!)...I mailed your mug toward the end of last week, so hopefully you'll get it soon. (fingers crossed that it arrives safely and that you like it!)

la vie en rose said...

i think i'm right on the edge of something new too...we can hold hands...