Monday, January 08, 2007

101 Update

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20. Get my astrological charts done - done!

Wow, what an awesome experience this was. I had my charts done by Wendy Guy of Evolving Door Astrology. For those of you interested, she does her readings over the phone, so you can be anywhere in the world. I sent her the required information (date, time and location of birth) and a bit about what I wanted to know. She sent my my chart ahead of time and then we did the reading over the phone. She'll also be sending me a cd recording of the call so that I can refer to it later. She's got great horoscopes on her site and an interesting e-newsletter.

Wendy did a great job acquainting me with astrology in a way I'd never thought of before, and she verified some things I have really been experiencing lately. The reading gave me some insights into my character and helped to identify some lessons for me to work on right now. It gave me a sense of the themes in my life and the direction things are going.

One of the things that made me laugh is that part of my life purpose, as influenced by Uranus, is to figure out how to do walk my path and manifest my dreams my own way. As I grow my practice and step into the life I truly want to be living one of the things that has become really clear to me is that when I read most of the general wisdom out there of how to do it, it just doesn't fit me. It's like trying on an ill-fitting garment that makes you feel down and depressed because it is neither comfortable nor does it suit you. Sometimes finding your own way is challenging. But I love the adventure of it, the surprises involved and mostly the great opportunity for authenticity.

42. Go vegetarian for a week - done!

I found this surprisingly easy to accomplish. We eat vegetarian at least a couple of times a week, so I had regular meals I could draw on. I didn't miss meat in the slightest (but it isn't barbecued hamburger season). To continue eating vegetarian, I realize that I would really have to broaden my horizons in terms of ingredients. For now, I hope to continue to grow in that area.

6. Get vent in the kitchen taken care of - done!

Now, I know this one doesn't sound or look terribly exciting, but we are thrilled that it's complete. Imagine, if you will, that before there was a silver tube running along the top of the cupboards and loosely adhered to the wall. And imagine last year when we had a mama racoon living in our chimney that she would sometimes push against this vent. We'd be sitting watching a movie and thing, good god, what's trying to get in? I'm amazed that she never joined us. And I am thrilled that where there was once loose functionality there is now a walled-in efficiency!

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Shannon said...

Congratulations Jamie!!! How exciting to get more done and what a varied span of things!! The kitchen really does look fabulous now with your new window dressings and the vent covered. It was always a lovely place to be and how even more so - woohoo!

Kudos on veggie week, I didn't realize it was already up, did we not eat anywhere together? And your charts too - wow, wow wow!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

wow. this is way cool, grrl. i've been to many astrologers, but finally found one that actually speaks my language. sounds like you have found that as well.

i hear ya on the exhaust. shep and i had squirrels in hours.

Jessie said...

hey--that's awesome! i've always wanted to have my astrological chart done, but i don't know what time i was born. my parents don't remember (can you believe it?!) my birth certificate only give the date and the year. bummer. i wonder how much the exact time even matters....??

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jamie, so many things done! One for the spirit, one for the body and one for the home! You're doing great, getting so much accomplished in so many different ways.

Jamie said...

Jessie, it totally depends on what was happening in the sky on the day of your birth as to whether the time matters. Suzie checked with Wendy to see whether it would be an issue. Also, you can usually contact the hospital where you were born and find out for a fee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
This may sound weird, but that vent thing was getting on my nerves. I kept reading it on your list, thinking "Sheesh, how is she going to get a vent put in? Not much fun." But you did it.

The vegetarian week is great. I'm already a veggie, but now that I've started to learn about dairy production, I want to go vegan. You inspire me to try it just for a week.