Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Try Day ~ Visual Clues

For last Saturday's Try Day at Create a Connection, I suggested that we look for clues in the world around us, that we open up our intuitive selves for signs from the universe. One of the ways that I've been doing that since I was a girl is by collecting pictures from magazines and creating collages. I collected these images throughout the week and today I sat down with a cup of tea and put them together.

I have to tell you I had such a visceral reaction when it was done. It felt so yummy to me. Clean, fresh, sexy, fun, independent, magical, elegant. I'd love to hear any words that come to your mind when you see it.

Working on this collage has inspired my theme for 2007: The Year of Clarity. I'm enjoying the resonance of that and its ripple effect through my choices and my awareness.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you discover. And I'll see you next Saturday at Create a Connection for our second Try Day.


Anonymous said...

before i read your comments, the first thing that came to mind was sexy, vibrant, woman. later, my impressions were that your collage expressed that you are an independent, free-thinking woman, that you want to travel, that you aren't afraid to be who you are, that you love to laugh, that you love color, and you see the sensuality in all things. i think clarity is an awesome word and it definitely rings true with your collage!

sounds like you have a juicy year ahead! :-)

Sacred Suzie said...

Powerful! These women are amazingly powerful Jamie and I love all the health and live flowing around them. Does this bring a clarity of who you are into being? I can see that for sure. I see you in all these places.

melba said...

Love your collage!
i want to get my chart done too. Was it expensive?

Jamie said...

The reading is regularly $160 for a 90-minute reading, but in January Wendy is offering 20% off, so it's only $128 (and that's Canadian).

claudia said...

Beautiful collage! Says a lot about you and your aims for 2007!