Saturday, January 20, 2007

Try Day #3: Snoop!

This week at Create a Connection's Try Day I'm asking you to become a snoop - and snoop on yourself! You can find the full explanation here. Here's my snooping.

Hmm... interesting. I wonder what's in this. Let's find out.

Before even looking at the contents, I would say the nature of the bag reveals that we're currently investigating a woman. Looking inside I see it's a woman named Jamie Ridler, a woman who works at some corporate gig. Look at that pass and the book about business. But wait, the library book is actually about starting your own business, so maybe she's considering doing that. What is that green thing?

Oh, it's a business card holder. This woman must like bright colours. Now, you can't read this on the pic but on the other side it has her name, and apparently she works in the field of coaching, interesting.

She's got this fancy nice wallet and a playful felt doggy change purse filled with coin. She's got a cellphone, but not a fancy one. The gloves are also playful, though clearly they could use a good wash. And the woman seems to enjoy pink. I notice she carries a ventolin, clearly an asthma sufferer.

These contents seem to suggest she's on the go. I see 2 lipsticks, which makes me think one is for daytime and the other for nighttime, meaning she carries this bag with her from dawn till past dusk. The apple seems to suggest a need to have food on hand too, another indicator of long days. As well as the business book, she carries a fiction book, a sketchbook and a datebook. You'd think she was worried she'd get bored. Does she spend a lot of time waiting? Traveling? Her datebook is already crammed with things for 2007. In contrast her sketchbook is virtually empty. I wonder why she bothers to carry it.

Ultimately I'd say that I see contrast in this purse. I see a business woman with some classic tastes and a woman with some artistic aspirations and a playful side. What do you see?

You can participate in this week's Try Day. For full instructions, go here. Just leave a comment when you've tried out this exercise and we'll come snoop at your place!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jamie! This is so much fun to read, I can hear you talking like a female Humphry Bogart investigating yourself, I just love it. I love everything about this idea, since I wanted to be a spy! I love your card holder, the books, all the stuff that's so you. I carry an empty poetry book, waiting to be written in too. LOL, really fun and interesting, I can't wait to give this one a try. I finally have my Smile Day post up!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your things- the colorful cardholder is great!

I enjoyed reading your best/worst as well, and I'm just so envious of that picture you bought. I just hearted her on etsy; I'm pretty sure I will *need* to buy something from her soon!

Shannon said...

The empty book made me think she just finished the last one so needed a new one!

Look at all that colour and diversity all hidden away in a gorgeous black bag. She's got a lot going on, but always maintains calm on the outside.

Lots of energy there too!

Fun fun fun I can't wait to 'try' this!

Anonymous said...

I like the way you've written about yourself! Very cool!! :) (my purse might be a little scary to investigate!!)

Anonymous said...

Great post, Jamie! Interesting bag contents, too.. Seems very organised to me, all very clean, no loose bits of paper, receipts, dog biscuits, etc., like mine!
Looking forward to trying this myself.
Have a great week :)