Monday, January 22, 2007

Way Late Photo Thursday: Weight

What weighs me down sometimes is the sheer number of things that are on my "to do" list. Add on top of that all the things I am longing to do and haven't started yet. Add on top of that some things I feel I "should" do. Add on top of that all of my current commitments. Yep, some heavy weight indeed. A heavyweight contender that sometimes knocks me out.

That's what has inspired my recent push to clear out anything that's not fully calling my name - clothes, "to do" items, commitments. There are so many glorious things in the world to do and experience, I want to clear the things I feel lukewarm about to make room for things that stir my soul!

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melba said...

I feel you Jamie!

Some things, the daily life stuff like laundry, we have to do.

But you are right there are lukewarm committments.
I like the way you put that.
I only want to committ to things that stir my soul too!
I think that is why I don't (anymore) go on playdates with other Moms. Ethan goes to pre-school everyday so he plays with other children. Maggie doesn't get to play withother children as much. I could fill up time for her and mine with random playdates, but I know she will get the socialization skills she needs next year when she goes to pre-school. We see family for them to play with about once a week.
Plus I love to play pretend and to play with dolls. Sometimes I think I like it more that Maggie!

Sacred Suzie said...

Wow, there is a a lot of "weight" in those pictures! I find paper to be incredibly heavy in my life and I see that in yours too. Commitments are another one of those things I would rather be free of. You have important work to do but don't let it weigh you down, let it set you free.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. It looks heavy.

megg said...


My want-to-do list is the one that really calls me and yet it's the one that gets ignored! Tell me if you have any tips on getting past to-do and to want-to-do!!!

Jessie said...

Hell yeah! I love your photos and I love your words. Thanks for reminding me! Here's to making room for what matters most! :)

Shannon said...

That does feel like weight for sure. And look like it too! I can sure relate. Sounds like you have a plan though, go Jamie!!!