Wednesday, October 18, 2006

True Balance ~ Fourth Chakra ~ The Look of Love

We have moved onto the the heart chakra in our True Balance study. I've only read the first little bit, but it got me thinking about love (which is always a good thing). Sonia Choquette describes love this way, "Love, as opposed to sensuality or sexuality, is a quiet and contemplative energy." I disagree. I think that's one colour of love, but there are so many others. Sometimes I am just bursting with love, running with love, exploding with love! In my heart, love isn't always gentle.

What love feels like to me:
  • the playful energy of a burbling stream
  • the all-encompassing warmth of a bonfire
  • the satisfying sweetness of homemade caramel
  • big, enthusiastic hugs
  • the bursting beauty of fireworks
  • explosions of giggles and laughter
  • sparkling eyes just eating you up
  • the strength of a grip that will not let you fall
  • the safeness of someone sitting with you when your world is falling apart
  • the comfort and familiarity of a cozy sweater
  • the solid foundations of loyalty
  • the fierceness of someone expecting the best for you and from you
  • the tenderness of your hair being stroked when you're crying
  • the way you feel at home in the kitchen at night with the light on above the stove

What does love feel like to you?


Anonymous said...

I am so excited that I can comment on your post about love, miracles do happen! I don't think this is a coincidence.

The collage is amazing Jamie and so are the words. It's true, love can be a torrent of emotions and energy.

It's nice to see love in so many spaces in your life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for snowplowing for the group. The collage is beautiful. You have so much love in your life!

I read the chapter in one big swoosh last night. I like the way you broke it down a bit. Your list is so concrete. I want to re-read the chapter now.

What love feels like to me: like there is so much warmth in my heart just bulging to get out in the world, kind of like a spring flower trying to break through the soil to its own inevitable beauty.

Anonymous said...

Mostly love in the past has felt to me like pain and drama. BUt most recently it feels transcendental. It feels like finally truly being my whole self.
And this is romantic love I speak of; I can't imagine being able to verbalize maternal love.