Sunday, September 03, 2006

True Balance

Melba has taken the initiative to lead a group through True Balance by Sonia Choquette. This book looks at balance through the lens of our seven chakras, helping us become aware of how our energy is functioning and how we can become improve its flow. Melba suggested we begin the process by sharing what our thoughts on the topic currently are.

One of my very first posts was about Balance. (It's here. Just control + F "balance". I'm sorry I haven't figured out how to get the original link for archived materials). In it I talk about how in the past I haven't found balance very appealing. It inspired thoughts of sameness to me, of the status quo, of a straight and steady line, of boredom. I've always wanted to live a life of passion and that seemed at odds with balance.

I've expanded my view. First of all, I see balance as first and foremost the way in which what's inside someone is balanced with what's expressed by them in the world. Balance is about authenticity. In my coaching practice it is clear to me that people who are not being true to who they are experience a painful state of imbalance. Their system keeps poking, prodding and paining them to get back to equilibrium, an equilibrium that can only be experienced by being true to yourself. I know that I experience the most joy, the most health, the most connection when I am being most authentically me and sharing who I am in the world.

Also, I enjoy balance much more when I think of it as a kind of energetic ecological system that supports me and my passions. In the past, the geography of a life of passion has for me looked like "intensity, intensity, intensity, sickness, intensity, intensity, intensity, sickness." I didn't understand that to live a life of passion, I must treat myself like a passion athlete that requires training, resources and nourishment. If I'm going to really reach out and expend my energy, how can I support myself in replenishing that energy? (Suzie wrote a really interesting post on Energy Debt recently)

So, the two things I know about balance for me are:

  • Balance is about authentically expressing myself in the world, balancing inside and outside.
  • Balancing expended energy with renewed energy is key to living a passionate life.

Over the next several weeks I'll share with you what else I learn about balance. What does balance look like to you?


Sacred Suzie said...

It is amazing Jamie that we tend to think of passion as something that's so intense it steals from our resevoir. Seeing passion from a healthy perspective isn't something that comes intuitively, at least not to me.

I think you hit the nail on the head connecting it with the authentic self, that's probably the healthiest way to do it without burning ourselves out.

I can't wait to go on this journey!

Judi said...

I followed Suzie's link to read this article and fell into your photo! I reminds me so much of Maine. I could have stayed in the photo and been happy.

You three sisters amaze me ... all so passionate about seeking out your true selves ... expanding you emotional and spiritual horizons - yet as an outsider - I look at your photos and see your hearts -

Potato Print said...

Hi StarShyne,
That photo mesmerizes. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I've read the first chapter, but can't seem to post the accompanying painting, so I'm waiting. Anyway, my first thoughts about balance were kind of like yours. It seems so prim and proper, so flat, so abstemious. Not at all appetizing to me. Then I thought of the planet, the seasons, the ocean, rainforests, and the way Nature balances the whole thing out. So I'm thinking now about authenticity as a container for all of this chakra business.

melba said...

Jamie, this was a very interesting post. I hear you when you say you use to equate balance with sameness. We don't want our lives to be boring!

I am begining to think that like most words balance has many meanings; especially depending upon your perspective. I don't know if I will ever truly be balance, but I would like to be more grounded...which maybe to some is the same thing.

I want to have a solid foundation as an adult that certainly wasn't formed in childhood. I think I can have that foundation now if I work at it. Then when things get shakey for me I can rely on that foundation to help me stay on my feet.

Hmmm. I am sure I will be thinking more about this...

krista said...

Ah we are on the kind of on the same page, only you turned it and expanded further...

I just wrote about the balance is boring thing. I like thinking about balance in terms of whats inside someone and what's expressed by them outside into the world. As for the idea of intensity intensity sickness sickness, wow- you just totally described me.

Expended energy and renewed energy. Balance.


Funny, I read this post before, and while I enjoyed it, I didn't get as much from it. Funny how sometimes yo can read something again and it suddenly clicks.

krista said...

Oh yeah, if you click on the timestamp, it will give you the permalink to your posts. FYI.

I didn't know the ctrl f trick before though, so thanks.