Monday, September 04, 2006

Self-Portrait Challenge: With Someone ~ Me & My Dad

When I read this month's challenge was "with someone," this picture of me and my Dad immediately came to mind. I have always interpreted this picture as me being kind of wiggly and disgruntled, pushing away from my Dad and clearly having had enough of this photography thing. As my Dad and I currently have a rather challenging relationship, that had resonance and also made me sad.

Today I took the time to give it a a fresh look. For the first time I noticed that there's not really any tension in my little right arm that's up against his chest. It doesn't look like I'm pushing. And my legs are relaxed as they find a way to perch on him. It occurs to me that maybe I'm actually steadying myself on my Dad, finding a secure position, though perhaps because I'm not feeling 100% supported. I see that I'm not grimacing or crying, but I am looking incredibly serious as I make eye-to-eye contact with the photographer.

I'm curious about what else was going on. Who was behind the camera? What happened next? Where are my shoes? And I wonder what my Dad would see if he looked at this picture now.

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swampgrrl said...

great picture of you and your dad.
TONS of stuff going on there.
hope your answers come gently.

BZ said...

I love how you are looking straight at the camera. You look so serious and determined. B&W is a touch too.

Deb R said...

I like the photo very much and it would be interesting to know what your Dad would see in it.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Jamie, this is such an interesting post and image. I can see why you would have that initial reaction but it's true, there is more going on there than that. See how securely Dad is holding you? Yet he is relaxed at the same time. I think you're absorbed in the process of what's going on and trying to figure it out. I see you as steadying yourself with Dad.

I wonder what happened to your shoes too!

Gina said...

Such a cute picture. There's a photo of me and my Dad when I was little that your picture seemed to remind me of. I like the blurb you wrote on it, too.

Thanks for the picture comment!

melba said...

So interesting! I have never looked at photos of me and my dad to see what was going on between us. We have a challenging relationship.
It is also interesting to me how we (I)make assumptions about people. I thought for some reason that Shannon was your only sibling and you had a blissful childhood. Now though that I think about it I do recall a post early on in your blogging life...a picture of your family...and you were writing about something tragic? that happened. It is odd how we know each other, but then again there is so much we don't know?

Georgia said...

OH!!! You were an adorable baby, and I have to tell you I am kinda digging your dad's glasses!!!

Shannon said...

Great picture Jamie, and fascinating post. I guess even at that age you wanted your feet firmly on the ground!

Bedazzzled1 said...

You just beautifully summed up the power that photographs hold, and how their interpretation can change with time and events.

Very, very good. Beyond good.

Tammy said...

I loved how you are seeing it in a different light. Parents seem less complicated as we grow older. Great insight into a heart warming picture.