Monday, August 21, 2006

August Happiness Challenge ~ Aug 20 ~ Reiki

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I studied Reiki about 2 years ago. I chose to do so on a complete whim. It crossed my path, and I thought it looked interesting so next thing you knew it I spent a Saturday in class with Barb Keshen. I think Reiki is such a beautiful practice. By focused attention and energy flow, you support a person in finding their own healing. Since learning reiki, I have found that certain fears and anxieties that I used to have have simply dissipated. That has been a gift.

For the past while I have not spent much time on my reiki practice. Recently I've felt a bit sad about this because I know there is a lot of need out there for loving energy and healing. So this Sunday I initiated a regular reiki practice that I hope to maintain. I hope to experience, share and be a conduit for healing during this time. This feels like a really positive move for me. And it reminds me of what is possible when you make room for the things that bring you joy to have a place in your life.


chest of drawers said...

Wonderful that you´re finding time for this - your last post about the theatre has me curious to see a production myself.

hundred and one said...

I love your rings!! :-)

krista said...

I studied reiki as well. I studied with a great couple in Hamilton (when I lived there) but when I moved out here I kind of lost my reiki connection.

Like yourself, I enjoy it very much. Good for you for getting back into it.