Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August Happiness Challenge ~ Aug 21 ~ Bascha's a Healthy Cat

As some of you know, our cat Bascha has had many health problems over the years. She's diabetic, deaf and recently we found out she also has a problem with her thyroid. We just took her to the vet and the great news is that with the new meds she's doing great! Woohoo! I have to tell you that this 16-year-old girl is a real tough cookie. She's been through the ringer and held on. She's full of smarts, love and affection and has no problem asking for what she wants. Justin calls her the Queen.


Shannon said...

What a gorgeous and regal!!! YAY for the Queen!!!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh what wonderful news Jamie! I am so happy Bascha's health is improving. She's one tough Queen kitty!