Monday, July 17, 2006

Visual Vocabulary

#21 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list is to create and complete an art journal. I have absolutely loved doing this and will write more about the experience later. But this week I had a sudden a-ha. Sometimes when I sit down with my art journal, I think, "Okay, Jamie, draw something, paint something, anything," and I *blink blink* stare *blink blink* at the journal.

Now, with words it's another story. I can always find something to say. I can just put word upon word upon word on the page without hesitation. So what's the difference? It occurred to me that it's the fact that I've been expressing myself with words since I was, what, a year old? Now, that's a fair stretch of time now. No wonder I'm at ease with words.

But images? I've always appreciated them. I've always taken note of them. But it sure isn't that long that I've been trying to create them, at least not on a page. This revelation led me to thinking how I learned words and whether I could use the same approach to expand my visual vocabulary.

I let my mind wander until it came across 5 visual images which for whatever reason attract it right now. My plan is to seek out these images and pay attention to them. Once we feel comfortable with each other, I'll play with them and see what happens. I'm not setting myself a timeline. I'm thinking of this as a relationship I'm building and trust that I'll know when it's time to move on. I'll let you know what I learn!

Jamie's Visual Vocabulary
  1. Star
  2. Bird
  3. Clown
  4. Clock
  5. Sphere


megg said...

Hi there! What a great post! I am the same - words come so easily to me and yet images freak me out. I often sit down hoping to draw/colour something and end up either not bothering or WRITING about it - yeesh! Please let me know your secrets & how this test of yourself goes!

P.S. I wrote about you today - I hope that you don't mind ;) Let me know if you do okay?! xo

krista said...

Hey, I love this post. What a great idea. I am curious to see what you'll come up with... I have a feeeling I may be noticing more Stars Birds Clowns Clocks and Spheres after reading this...

Laini Taylor said...

Jamie, I think that's a great idea -- I find that in my artwork (& writing) there are a lot of consistent themes, repeating images/objects, and recognizing that is a great way to go about starting an art journal. Good luck! Also, I haven't been reading blogs much the past few hectic weeks but was just catching up on yours and CONGRATULATIONS on handing in your resignation! Yay you! All best wishes with your new life!

Shannon said...

Fascinating idea Jamie!!! I can't wait to see what your visual vocabulary looks like!

When reading this I realized I think I have the same .. um.. block, but when it comes to writing, how funny is that??? I'm can be descriptive but not very....exact, suscint? hehe. I think drawing birds and spheres is more fun though :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Clowns?! There's Bozo!