Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This is a picture of my husband and I on our honeymoon. This was truly the most luxurious experience I had ever had. We went to the Dominican Republic and stayed in a beautiful resort. We were inspired to stay there after seeing a picture of their honeymoon suite online. As for the suite though, when we went to the travel agent, she called and it was booked. We were heartbroken. I said to her, "You have to see what it looked like," and pulled a printout from my wedding book to show her. She looked at it and at us and said, "You have to have that room." She got on the phone and started pulling in favours and connections and thanks to her we enjoyed our honeymoon in a 2-level suite overlooking the beach that had marble floors, a 4-poster bed and a jacuzzi. Sweet!

And why am I thinking about this? I've been kind of working the The Artist Way at Work and this week one of the assignments was to list 10 things under $20 that you really enjoy. Then, give yourself a treat every day for a week! I love this assignment! Here are my 10. What would yours be?

Jamie's 10 Luxuries under $20
  1. Water therapies at the spa (okay, it's over 20 with tax, but I'm counting it!)
  2. A movie matinee on a weekday
  3. Coffee and a cookie at a coffee shop with a journal and/or a good book
  4. Glam sunglasses (I'm a good shopper)
  5. Raspberries
  6. Beautiful notecards
  7. Going out for lunch
  8. Flowers
  9. Nia class
  10. Earrings

And support from your blogging friends: Priceless!

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and encouragement about leaving my job and striking out on my path to my dreams. It means so much to me and fills me with joy and confidence. And thank you Meg for supporting me on your post. I truly appreciate it.


Marilyn said...

Great photo. We never made it to the DR when we lived in the Caribbean, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Good for you for getting that suite! As for 10 things, I work at a school and am unpaid part of the just yesterday I was making a mental list of FREE things I could do...ride my bike, go for a walk, visit the library, picnic in the park, stroll through the Farmer's market, watch a DVD from our library, browse for hours in a bookstore, curl up in bed with a book and read until I fall into a deep nap (not that I have a habit of doing that or anything), make as many long-distance calls as I want (it's included in our flat rate each month), run through the sprinkler. I know, not very exciting...but the list of a woman enjoying a couple of very unscheduled weeks at home. :)

Potato Print said...

hi Jamie,
What a nice story about your honeymoon. I really like the list of 10 things. In fact I copied it and put it in my planner.

krista said...

Flowers too. That's something free (to look at). I know you like those...

krista said...

Hey, flowers are up there, and I missed it!

Here I thought I had one to offer you.... Ok... hmmm. What else can I think of...

Phone calls from old friends?

Shannon said...

Great post & I love your list! I'm thinking about mine atm. I love marilyn's "run through the sprinkler" one - that sounds like a lot of fun!