Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge ~ Pop Art & a Meme

I thought along with my Pop Art Self Portrait, I'd include this great mean that I stumbled across at Pilgrimage to Self. Crazy fun!

Instructions: Put your first name followed by ‘needs’ into Google Search and list the first 15 searches, with no duplicates. Here are mine.

Jamie needs...

  1. your vote!
  2. a little help to get up on the bed.
  3. to grow up and stop making all of those horrible faces.
  4. a kid.
  5. to feel loved.
  6. to include interesting quotes from the competition judges.
  7. a teacher.
  8. your damn phone numbers.
  9. a car.
  10. a vacation.
  11. an amanuensis (One who is employed to take dictation or to copy manuscript. I had to look it up, hehe)
  12. more than a mother's love.
  13. to start packing and unpacking boxes.
  14. to decide if she is going to continue to go along with the coach in what places her in an uncomfortable position
  15. permanency.

See more self portraits and participate at Self Portrait Challenge.


bekka said...

what a great photo! i love how you altered it. the bits and pieces of color coming out of your ears looks so much fun.

sanders5 said...

I LIKE! You look contemplative ... no doubt the Coming Soon over your head leads me to wonder just WHAT is coming soon????

Oh, and ... the meme ... I'm totally running with that one. Like, totally.

Forgive me - as I move toward my mid 30s I'm regressing into my valley-girl personette of yesteryear

acumamakiki said...

Very cool photo! I love this and I also can't wait to try the google thing.

Shannon said...

Very cool pic & meme - I can't wait to try it!

Sacred Suzie said...

Fascinating image Jamie, how on earth did you do that?!

Sorry, I don't understand the challenge. Wish I could join but I don't get it.

Tish said...

Very nice photo!

Syd said...

Wonderful filter! I love this one.

ashmonkey said...

amazing photo! i think you captured the challenge perfectly. and i love the meme too...

melba said...

I love the way this came out...your expression and the colors. That meme is very cute too!(like you)

EllyJane said...

i am enjoying your blog- particularly your goals and aspirations. i have to say that i love to set goals and monitor their progress, although mine aren't quite so long term... but what a great idea! i am about to make a big move, so perhaps that will inspire me once i have made this big change. i love the feeling of accomplishment even in a to do list!