Monday, June 12, 2006

Colour Week ~ White

Claudia is participating in this colour week, and I've been enjoying her colour explorations so much that I wanted to participate. And especially today because today is white, and I am wild about white. Frankly, I wouldn't have expected that would ever be the case. Except for kitchens. I have always loved a white kitchen. Poor Shannon knows because she's helped me do some serious white kitchen painting! (Thanks, Shannon!)

When I first moved in with my husband (then boyfriend) he wanted all the walls white. I thought he was insane. I acquiesced (a rare occurrence) and came to love the cool, open, peace of white. Not cream. White. The kind of white that when you go to the store they say, "Oh, that's going to be too cold." Yeah, that one. Cool, crisp, white.

I also have an incredible soft spot for white flowers. I have always loved them. When we were getting married I absolutely wanted white flowers. Doubt surfaced when I saw a picture where someone's white flowers made the white wedding dress look less white. And of course my dress was white, winter white. I tried to come up with other options but every time I looked through books of bouquets, I would come across white flowers and sigh. My florist finally told me to just give in. I did. And I'm glad.


Shannon said...

I love this pic!!! You look so awesome, your dress was the whitest white and you look so beautiful. What a great day.

OH yeah.. don't get me started on that kitchen... it looks great but man... that was quite the challenge!! It was worth it though :)

chest of drawers said...

What a beautiful photo of you! No wonder your husband wanted all the walls white - to remind him of you in your wedding dress!

Sacred Suzie said...

Wow Jamie, you are so stunning! I don't think there has ever been a more sparkly and shimmering bride. Shannon's right, your dress was the whitest of white.

We've decided to leave our apartment white too, after living in a dark basement that was blue for three years, I want to enhance light as much as possible!

Sunday Scribblings said...

Lovely lovely bride! I love white flowers, too. About white walls, though. I'm surprised to learn you're an all-white-walls household. Your writings burst with such color and vibrance. Not that I'm against white, I do appreciate the occasional magazine photo of white homes, white walls, white furniture, but I do love to paint a room red!

Laini Taylor said...

oops. that was me!